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Gypsum line not only has the effect of fire prevention, moisture-proof, heat preservation and sound insulation, but also plays the role of decoration. Therefore, it is deeply loved by owners in the process of home decoration

in fact, gypsum line is a kind of ceiling decoration material. However, as people attach importance to home decoration, more and more decoration methods begin to be known to everyone. Gypsum line has various patterns, with fire prevention, moisture-proof, heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation and other functions. The most important thing is that it can play a good decorative effect, especially when gypsum board is used for ceiling decoration. Then, let's introduce the decoration steps of gypsum line

what is gypsum line

gypsum line is one of many home decoration materials. Its main material is construction gypsum, which is mixed with an appropriate amount of fiber reinforcement and additives, and then mixed with water to form a uniform slurry. Finally, the gypsum line mold is used to make decoration lines with different shapes. The gypsum line made of different gypsum line molds can be divided into plane type and curved surface type according to the shape

gypsum line decoration steps

1. The original putty needs to be cleaned at the installation position, the main purpose is to prevent the installed gypsum line from falling off after a long time

2. Snap the ink line on the wall at the top corner with an ink bucket, and determine the installation position of the gypsum line first

3. According to the width of the gypsum line, calculate the distance from the internal corner to the adjacent sides of the two right angles according to the 45 degree depression angle, take two point detection lines at both ends of an internal corner on a wall, and then measure the total length according to the ruler, calculate about several pieces, and then take out one to saw the beginning into an acute angle of 45 degrees

4. Place the sawn lines horizontally on the edge of the bench or the case in reverse, and use a mixture of paste like quick dipping powder and water similar to the size of a thermos lid or a larger one. Quick pasting powder must be used for rapid construction. An appropriate amount of 801 glue can be added. If it is added too much, it dries too slowly and the initial adhesion is not strong

5. Stick the plaster line to the previously drawn ink line and hold it for 3-5 minutes to fix it. Pay attention to close the gap with paste when connecting, try to be a little higher along the shape as far as possible, and then brush it with bristle brush and water, in order to prolong the drying time. During this period, use a knife of different models to repair it until it is restored, and finally brush it with water, or use gypsum and 801 glue to build momentum, wipe and fill it, press it with putty after drying, and polish it with sandpaper and brush emulsion paint after drying

how to choose gypsum line

1. It depends on the price

the price of inferior gypsum line products is 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper. Although this low price is attractive to users, it often shows defects (such as yellowing and cracks) after installation and use, causing regret

2. Depending on the thickness of the product

gypsum line products must have a corresponding thickness to ensure that the affinity between molecules reaches the best level, so as to ensure a certain service life and integrity and safety within the service life. If the gypsum line decorative product is too thin, it will not only have a short service life, but also affect safety

3. Look at the depth of the pattern

generally, the concave convex of the pattern of gypsum line decorative products should be more than 10mm, and the production should be fine. In this way, after installation, the surface is painted, which can still maintain the three-dimensional feeling and reflect the decorative effect. If the pattern of gypsum line decorative products is shallow, only about 5 ~ 9mm, the effect will be much worse

4. Look at the surface smoothness

due to the pattern of gypsum line decorative products, sanding and other treatments cannot be carried out during installation and painting, so the requirements for surface smoothness are high

5. Knock and listen to the sound

you can gently knock the gypsum line with your fingers. If the sound is dull, it is mostly inferior gypsum line. If the sound of knocking is crisp, or even like a ceramic sound, it means that the gypsum line is of good quality and authentic. Check the elasticity of the gypsum board, knock it with your hand, and make a solid sound, which indicates that the gypsum board is tight and durable. If it makes a very empty sound, it indicates that there is hollowing in the board, and the texture is not good. Weighing the weight by hand can also measure the pros and cons of gypsum board

editor's summary: that's all for the decoration steps of gypsum line. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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