Implementation of new energy efficiency standards

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When many customers buy refrigerators and air conditioners, one of the common criteria is to check whether these appliances are labeled with "energy efficiency labels". When buying gas stoves, they often only hear the salesperson orally introduce whether they are energy-saving, and there is no effective standard for reference. However, this situation will change from this month

on April 1, the new energy efficiency standard for gas stoves, "limited values and energy efficiency grades of domestic gas stoves" began to be implemented, setting energy efficiency limits for the thermal efficiency of all kinds of gas stoves, and dividing the energy efficiency grades of domestic gas stoves into three grades. Products with first and second grade energy efficiency are energy-saving products. When consumers buy gas stoves in the future, they can tell whether the gas stoves are energy-saving by looking at the energy efficiency label. This means that after the range hood, the gas cooker has become another kind of household kitchen appliances that need to be "certified", and household kitchen appliances have come to the "door" of the energy-saving era

as an advocate of environmental protection and a practitioner of the new energy efficiency standards for kitchen appliances, Cohen appliances has paid attention to energy conservation and environmental protection of kitchen appliances since its inception. Before the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards, Cohen Electric has been demanding itself with the highest standards in the industry. Every year, Cohen regularly carries out all-round inspection on all kitchen electrical products, from the details of product structure to the re examination of electronic components, and upgrades and improves his products again and again, striving to seize the market opportunity by relying on product quality. With the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards for gas stoves, kitchen appliances are facing a reshuffle, and kitchen appliances that do not meet the market access standards are eliminated. On the other hand, it affirms the achievements of Cohen's research and development in product energy conservation and environmental protection, and makes Cohen more determined to be an energy-saving and environmental friendly gas stoves

Cohen believes that energy conservation is afforestation - to minimize the energy consumption of each product is to create one forest after another for the entire environment. Through strong product research and development technology, Cohen kitchen electrical products have successfully developed unique high-efficiency and energy-saving technology, leading the market to make a technological breakthrough, and bringing unprecedented excellent quality to the multi flame strong fire stove: the thermal efficiency of Cohen kitchen electrical products is 5% - 8% higher than that of traditional cookers, and the carbon monoxide emission is less than 0.04%. It truly realizes an efficient, energy-saving and safe integrated stove, leading the trend of energy efficiency in the industry

little knowledge: in the future, energy efficiency labels will be integrated with QR codes. With the powerful digital information carrying capacity of QR codes and the characteristics of obtaining information anytime and anywhere, consumers only need to scan QR codes. In addition to energy consumption levels, the name of the manufacturer, product model, filing number, filing time, annual power consumption, and even the power consumption every day and other information that consumers care about will be clear at a glance. Many professional indicators will tell consumers in a more clear and understandable form, and play a guiding and helping role in users' and consumers' purchase decisions





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