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In 2012, the trend of the real estate market was uncertain, which directly affected the downstream wardrobe industry. At the same time, factors such as changes in market structure and increased human costs also affected the development of the wardrobe industry. In this environment, some unprecedented new phenomena appear in the wardrobe industry. Although these new phenomena of wardrobe only happen to some enterprises, they also predict the future development trend of the wardrobe industry to some extent

trend 1: the second-hand housing decoration market has broad prospects

as early as a few years ago, the second-hand housing decoration market was still in the awkward position of "grandma doesn't love uncle doesn't love", but in 2009, the second-hand housing decoration market suddenly "salted fish turned over", becoming a hot market occupied by many home decoration enterprises. Looking at the whole Beijing home decoration market, not only some home decoration enterprises carry out consulting, promotion and other activities specifically for the decoration of second-hand houses, but also some home decoration enterprises spare no effort to promote the "second-hand house decoration package", and even some home decoration exhibitions take the decoration of second-hand houses as the theme. All home decoration companies hope to show their strength and get a share in the second-hand housing decoration market

insiders predict that the hot situation of the second-hand housing decoration market may still not subside in 2010. With the gradual popularization of fine decoration, the business of new house decoration may gradually decrease, and the prospect of second-hand house decoration market is very broad

trend 2: wardrobe stores "test the water" suburbanization development

in recent years, with the development of the wardrobe industry, the area of wardrobe stores in Beijing has increased sharply, with an overall area of more than 3million square meters, and wardrobe stores with different positioning are all over major urban areas. The wardrobe Market in the urban area is extremely competitive, and the room for market development is getting smaller and smaller. As a result, some home shopping malls began to gradually develop towards the outer ring. In 2009, red star Macalline opened its fourth chain store in Beijing on the North Fifth Ring Road; Qumei furniture also set its flagship store in the North Fifth Ring Road; Jimei even opened Yiyuan home Plaza in Shunyi, becoming the first brand home mall opened in the suburbs of Beijing

with the continuous development of the real estate market in the suburbs of Beijing, the relevant wardrobe industry also needs to be further upgraded. At present, the market for branded wardrobe products in the suburbs of Beijing is obviously vacant. With the "water testing" development of well-known wardrobe stores in the suburbs of Beijing, it is believed that in 2010, more far sighted wardrobe enterprises will aim at the "cake" of the suburban market

trend 3: stores are developing towards a professional model

in 2009, MinLong Mumen headquarters base officially appeared in the capital. Before that, professional lamp stores represented by Colliers International lamp port and Shilihe lighting (lighting decoration effect map) city have gradually become popular; MinLong ceramics headquarters base is also welcomed by consumers with its unique business model. Now, after tasting the sweetness, MinLong once again "cloned" the specialized business model of the ceramic headquarters base, and set up the wooden door headquarters base, which also adds another successful case for the specialized business model of the entire wardrobe industry

enterprises can achieve "not bright in the East and bright in the west" by implementing diversified management, which can indeed enable them to obtain more benefits in a certain period of time. However, with the continuous standardization of the market economy, especially under the premise of increasingly fierce competition in the wardrobe Market, enterprises must work hard on specialization and refinement in order not to be eliminated by the market. The specialized business model may enable today's wardrobe enterprises to "stand out from the tight encirclement" in the fierce market competition, and also enable the healthy development of the entire wardrobe industry

trend 4: e-commerce infiltrates the wardrobe industry

with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has become the target of all industries. Nowadays, the wardrobe industry has also "caught up with fashion". In 2009, Qumei e world online mall was officially launched; Oriental home, lanjinglijia, chengwaicheng and other home shopping malls have also begun to explore e-commerce. In addition, there are many enterprises to participate in online marketing with the help of Taobao. For wardrobe enterprises, online sales can reduce inventory pressure, save site costs and some labor costs; For consumers, online shopping wardrobe products have a wider range of choices, lower product prices, and can save more time and energy. In 2010, more enterprises will see the advantages of e-commerce and continue to increase relevant investment. Some insiders even predict that the Internet may become one of the main channels for the sale of wardrobe products

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