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Jindi's healthy wooden door is not achieved overnight. It comes from her 30-year dedication to "health". Health is reflected in every link. Jindi wooden door has three major production bases, the largest in Asia, so that the production of healthy wooden door has a solid foundation

Jindi's healthy wooden door

is not achieved overnight

is derived from her 30-year commitment to "health"

health is reflected in every link

Jindi wooden door has three major production bases, which are the largest in Asia, making the production of healthy wooden doors promising.

Jindi wooden door adopts Jixiang density board (upgraded board of holy elephant), PP film imported from Germany and Henkel glue, and the paint surface is imported from Italy, Professional selection creates high-quality Jindi health wooden door

and the school of materials and chemistry of Zhejiang University jointly set up the "Jindi group - Zhejiang University New Building Materials Science and technology research center". The formaldehyde content of PP door developed and produced is lower than a glass of water

Jindi products have been qualified through hundreds of professional tests and obtained the most authoritative green products in China Environmental protection product certification - China Environmental Label Product Certification (ten ring certification)

introduce the French designer team to create an exclusive original wooden door design around Jindi health wooden door products

Jindi wooden door latest strategy, so that Jindi group's products move from healthy high-end lacquerless wooden doors to healthy high-end solid wood products, and the product series is gradually enriched

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