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  &# 160; With the huge wardrobe Market emerging in the home decoration industry, major brands have also crossed the industry into the wardrobe Market, creating a lively scene of flowers blooming in the wardrobe Market. The industry has also issued the declaration of independence of the wardrobe industry in the midst of many objections, all for the purpose of creating a good industry environment and serving major wardrobe enterprises and consumers. Make the wardrobe industry develop steadily. So far, the competition of wardrobe enterprises has increased from product competition and price to design brand concept and marketing competition

  &# 160; Among them, the competition in marketing has reached a white hot stage, and various wardrobe enterprises have made their own tricks, such as community promotion, Shenma marriage search, buying wardrobe to send houses, buying wardrobe to send trees and so on. What is the key point that can make the wardrobe terminal win in the huge market. Beshang wardrobe, I think it is necessary to think about several issues from the perspective of consumers. After analyzing some market data, beshang wardrobe believes that wardrobe enterprises must understand the following keywords in the mouth of consumers! This is the consumption demand of consumers

1. The vast majority of consumers who customize wardrobes are self buyers. In the era of soaring property prices, space is a luxury. According to statistics, the housing space of consumers in the wardrobe market is about 70-150 square meters, so a reasonable space solution is the standard for them to choose wardrobe enterprises

2. Environmental protection. As a household product for storing intimate items, in the era of "fear of health", consumers' demand for environmental protection and health has also reached the peak. Moreover, consumer psychology today reflects that 30% of consumers in the market have rational consumption tendencies. Therefore, wardrobe enterprises can also find an entry point in this regard on the material characteristics of products

3. Installation, some people say that the buying and selling feature of customized wardrobes is service. A sales process of customized wardrobes is actually a process of long-term service, and installation is such a link. In fact, consumers raised doubts about installation, but in fact, they raised doubts about service. Enterprises should present this part completely in the marketing process. According to statistics, the better the presentation, the higher the success rate of signing




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