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The energy-saving and environment-friendly paper machine provided by Voith for yongfengyu was officially put into operation

Voith group, the world's leading technology and industrial service provider, today announced that the yongfengyu No. 3 paper machine customized by Voith Paper for yongfengyu paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. has been officially put into operation recently. Yongfengyu No. 3 paper machine mainly produces industrial paper including packaging paper, with an annual production capacity of more than 450000 tons and an annual output value of more than 1.2 billion yuan

Voith has provided yongfengyu No. 3 paper machine with advanced green papermaking technology. Compared with the traditional paper machine, yongfengyu No. 3 paper machine can save 20% of the power consumption and 12% of the water consumption for each ton of paper produced. While effectively promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, it reduces the operating cost and improves the economic benefits. In addition, yongfengyu No. 3 is also the first paper machine in China that can use 100% domestic recycled waste paper as raw material, breaking the current situation that domestic paper enterprises must use imported recycled waste paper as raw material for a long time

Voith signed the contract with yongfengyu in December, 2011. At the same time, Voith provided yongfengyu with two r2s anaerobic reactors to serve unit 2 and unit 3 at the same time. The reactor can treat the sewage produced by papermaking and convert it into biogas. After burning biogas, electricity can be generated to continue production. The No. 2 paper machine provided by Voith for yongfengyu paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. has been put into operation in 2007, mainly producing carton board and corrugated base paper

with the introduction of various laws and regulations around the world, it is a general trend to reduce plastic packaging in the future. The demand and production of paper packaging will grow rapidly. According to the prediction of the consulting firm risi, the global annual output of packaging paper and paperboard will reach 230million tons in 2018, of which the output of Asia Pacific region is nearly half. Voith complies with the trend, and according to the market demand, it continues to innovate in the fields of raw material treatment, waste treatment, reclaimed water treatment and sewage treatment of packaging paper machines, providing environmental protection solutions for China's packaging paper enterprises

the operation of No. 3 paper machine provided for yongfengyu is a powerful practice of green papermaking advocated by Voith. The paper produced by the paper machine not only completely does not contain a fixed horizontal base installed on the original wood pulp column, but also can realize the national waste paper production. After processing, it can be applied to food packaging. Under the condition that the paper quality is not damaged, the consumption of natural resources, energy and fiber is effectively solved, and the cost is saved

liumingming, President and CEO of Voith Paper Asia, said: the Chinese market is one of the most important markets of Voith Paper, and we are particularly optimistic about the huge potential of packaging paper machines in the Chinese market. With its increasing investment and world leading papermaking solutions, Voith will not only win the trust of customers, but also further help China's paper industry achieve sustainable development

Voith does not actually have a high cost performance. Voith paper belongs to the German Voith group and is a leading global paper equipment and service provider. Voith paper is a major supplier in China's paper equipment market. Its main customers include Jiulong paper, Shandong Taiyang paper, Yueyang paper, Fujian Liansheng paper and many other market leaders. This part of the circuit is to discrete the analog voltage signal obtained previously into digital signal. Yongfengyu paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a paper base established by Taiwan yongfengyu group in Jiangsu in 2004. Yangzhou paper mill No. 1 paper machine and No. 2 paper machine were officially put into operation in December2006 and August2007 respectively. In order to meet the growing demand for industrial paper, yongfengyu invested US $200million in 2011 to expand the No. 3 paper machine of Yangzhou industrial paper plant and increase the output of packaging paper. The No.3 machine papermaking project is also a project in the planning of yongfengyu green circular economy paper industrial park with a total investment of 10billion yuan. The project also includes an annual output of 1.5 million tons of industrial paper, an annual output of 100000 tons of toilet paper, an annual output of 500000 tons of straw comprehensive utilization project, wet land and other related supporting projects

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