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Shanying Paper Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise, with provincial-level technology center, strong scientific research strength and sustainable renewal ability. The company has non-technical solid waste incineration technology and comprehensive utilization of waste. It provides energy through waste incineration and power generation, and uses waste paper as the main raw material to produce packaging paperboard. At present, the consumption of waste paper accounts for more than 92% of its paper-making raw materials. It not only uses waste and saves energy, but also reduces pollution by reading the instructions carefully before installation and use, so as to protect the environment and achieve outstanding economic and social benefits. As a typical circular economy enterprise, the company is expected to receive key support from relevant national policies

the company has continuously carried out the development of experimental products and technological upgrading and transformation by scientific researchers, and comprehensively optimized the business structure. The company has made adaptability adjustment to the technical transformation project of paperboard. Through appropriate configuration of technology and equipment, the project can produce not only packaging paperboard such as high-strength corrugated base paper, but also cultural paper such as offset book paper and paper. At the same time, the company plans to issue convertible bonds to build a 200000 ton/year high-strength corrugated base paper technical transformation project. The orderly construction and operation of new projects will improve their profitability

China's waste paper and pulp mainly rely on imports to ensure the construction of major national projects. Recently, the pace of RMB appreciation has accelerated, which is quite beneficial to the future development of the company. In terms of trend, this week, the stock rose moderately and in large quantities, and chose to make a breakthrough upward. At present, it has recovered its line for half a year. It is expected to accelerate its rise in the future, which can be focused on

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