The energy-saving electronic control system of the

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The energy-saving electronic control system of sizing machine is favored by users

R & D enterprise: Beijing Hisense company

product features:

1 Small installed power and obvious energy saving effect

2. With high response and high dynamic characteristics, the control accuracy of elongation reaches 0.01%, and the electric control technology is at the leading level in China

the seven unit and nine unit transmission sizing machine electronic control system designed by Beijing Hisense for many domestic sizing machine manufacturers is a good energy-saving electronic control solution. The main features of the electric control scheme are small installed power and obvious energy-saving effect

the textile factory first pays attention to the performance and reliability of the equipment, and whether the equipment can operate stably for a long time. After the sizing machine adopts multi unit distributed transmission, the total installed power of the motor is much larger than that of the side shaft one unit transmission. Due to the higher and higher energy prices, the energy-saving issue of the sizing machine has also been put on the agenda

the system adopts Siemens synchronous servo motor, which has the characteristics of small power, large torque, and the installed power of the system is less than 40 kW. However, the success rate of this kind of ceramic particles (bimolecular polyurethane material) made of red and green color combination is 75 kW when other frequency conversion systems with the same number of units are installed. The shaft winding motor power of the system is 9.5 kW, while the variable frequency motor needs 22 kW

the energy-saving effect of the system is obvious, which can be mainly attributed to three aspects: first, the total installed power is small, and the energy consumption is naturally reduced; Second, synchronous motor is selected, whose efficiency and power factor are higher than that of variable frequency asynchronous motor; Third, the system adopts the DC bus scheme. The regenerative electric energy generated by the motor in the power generation state is fed back to the DC bus for reuse, so as to optimize the energy required by the system. According to the measurement and comparison of the user factory, the multi unit transmission system can save about 50% energy than the frequency conversion multi unit transmission system

in order to adapt to various shuttleless looms weaving different textiles, textile enterprises put forward higher requirements for the winding density, winding tension, elongation, moisture regain, sizing rate and other processes of the sizing machine, and also have higher requirements for the electric drive and control technology of the sizing machine. The transmission technology of sizing machine has evolved from side shaft transmission to unit independent transmission. It is a great progress in recent years to replace side shaft transmission with synchronous transmission of multiple motors. It has become the development direction of sizing machine. The system adopts simotiond servo controller and high-precision synchronous servo motor, the latest technology of Siemens, with high response and high dynamic characteristics. The control accuracy of elongation reaches 0.01%, and the electric control technology is at the leading level in China

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