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Overview of China's main printing equipment market (4)

v. electrochemical aluminum

1. A variety of series products: with the continuous and stable development of China's national economy, it plays a decisive role in many functional and safety tests. With the further deepening of reform and opening up, China's electrochemical aluminum manufacturing industry has made gratifying progress. At present, China's electrochemical aluminum production has initially formed a series of gold and silver series, pigment series, leather series, textile series, anti-counterfeiting series and laser series, as well as a variety of colors such as gold, silver, Asian gold, Asian silver, red, orange, green, blue and black, which are suitable for products in different fields, in various directions and specifications. On the premise of giving priority to the supply of domestic market consumption, some domestic electrochemical aluminum products are exported and sold in international trade every year

2. Good news: in recent years, China's electrochemical aluminum production has received frequent good news in improving quality and product grade, further showing the strong growth momentum of integration into the global economy after China's accession to the WTO. It is reported that in 2004, China's total production of electrochemical aluminum was 4.537 million rolls, the sales volume was 4.477 million rolls, and the sales revenue was 420 million yuan. The average sales unit price was 93.8194.20 yuan/roll, basically the same as that of the previous year

anodized aluminum, commonly known as hot stamping foil, is generally manufactured by vacuum aluminizing technology. Polyester film base and transfer layer constitute its basic structure. In the early years of hot stamping, the "gold" foil was directly hot stamped on the substrate to obtain hot stamping patterns with bright colors, dazzling colors, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other special properties. It was a real hot stamping "gold", which made the printed matter look more noble and gorgeous. However, its fatal weakness is the high cost of "gold", which seriously affects the promotion and application of this process technology in a wider range of fields. In the 1960s, through unremitting efforts, Chinese engineers and technicians successfully developed electrochemical aluminum and put it into mass production. Low cost, coupled with continuous mechanized operation, has led to the rapid promotion and application of this new hot stamping technology in many fields, thus promoting the further development of anodized manufacturing and hot stamping technology

3. Climb the technological peak: at present, domestic electrochemical aluminum products are characterized by a large proportion of medium and low-grade products and oversupply, while high-grade products are few and in short supply. In recent years, some domestic production enterprises with foresight and strength have introduced foreign advanced equipment and technology, and used imported raw materials to produce high-end products for domestic and foreign markets. The products are not only highly praised and recognized by users, but also some of the products developed are internationally advanced, which can be described as climbing the technological peak. Enterprises such as Shanghai Shenyong, Wuxi Huahong, Nanfang laser, Foshan Xingguang and Huagong technology have taken the lead in the industry. The new electrochemical aluminum "Baisha Golden Century" holographic positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting logo product developed by Huagong technology has won the "international best anti-counterfeiting Award" at the International Annual Conference of holographic packaging and holographic printing held by the international holographic Manufacturers Association, which is the most authoritative holographic industry in the world. This new product and technology is characterized by the integration of the essence of holographic and non holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, which makes the anti-counterfeiting effect more diverse and complex, and the logo itself is more beautiful and dynamic. This new product and new technology spurs the company to send professional maintenance engineers to the site within 24 hours. The maintenance service has stimulated the rapid development of today's positioning hot stamping technology and made it reach a new height

4. Vigorously research and development: Although China's electrochemical aluminum manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development, there is still a large supply gap for high-end domestic electrochemical aluminum products in the market, which is far from meeting the needs of China's rapidly developing publishing and printing industry, packaging and decoration printing industry and other printing industry. In recent years, China has purchased a considerable number of high-end electrochemical aluminum products from the international market every year, which is generally about a quarter of the total consumption of electrochemical aluminum in China that year. Today, with China's entry into the WTO and the integration of the global economy, China's electrochemical aluminum production should improve the scientific and technological content of products and strengthen research and development. For some products, such as water-resistant hot stamping on the surface of fabrics, hot stamping on the surface of cosmetic bottles, wire drawing foil series and chromium foil series, which have been widely used in the world but are still blank in China, the research and development should also start, with a view to improving the overall level of China's electrochemical aluminum production as soon as possible, to meet the growing demand of the printing industry in Zhejiang Province, which plans to exceed 1trillion yuan in the annual output value of the new material industry by 2022

To sum up, with the sustained and stable development of China's national economy and the considerable progress of the publishing and printing industry, China's printing equipment manufacturing industry has achieved rapid growth and recast brilliance in 2004. Among them, the production and sales of five major printing equipment, including paper and paperboard, printing ink, printing blanket, printing cots and electrochemical aluminum, have achieved gratifying results, and the sales revenue has exceeded 200 billion yuan. We should see that there is still a considerable gap between China's per capita consumption of printed matter and that of developed countries. However, this just shows that China's market has great potential for development. Today, in the new situation of China's gradual integration into the global economy, China's printing equipment production, in addition to increasing output, should pay more attention to increasing the intensity of research and development and industrial structure adjustment, improving production concentration, improving the scientific and technological content of products, increasing varieties, improving grades, improving quality and improving the stability of quality, so as to adapt it to today's modern printing needs of multi-color, high-speed, fast drying, pollution-free and low consumption. In order to improve the overall level of China's printing equipment as soon as possible, meet the needs of the continuous development of China's printing industry, and enhance the competitiveness of domestic printing equipment in the international market. (end)

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information source: international packaging printing and processing

Liu Keqian of China printing and equipment industry association

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