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On September 1, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

Dongguan ABS market offer fell slightly by 50 yuan/ton, the atmosphere was light, there were not many transactions, and the mentality of merchants was weak. The enthusiasm of end users is insufficient. The supply of goods in the market is sufficient, and the demand of downstream factories is weak. Jilin Petrochemical 0215a has no tax declaration of yuan/ton, and Taiwan chemical 15a1 has no tax declaration of 12050 yuan/ton

Shunde ABS market continues to decline slightly, with a decline of about 50 yuan/ton. Recently, transactions have been light, merchants' mentality is weak, most of them are shipping, and the overall supply is normal. The demand of downstream factories is weak. Ningbo Taihua 15a1 has no tax declaration of yuan/ton, and Jilin Petrochemical 0215a has no tax declaration of yuan/ton

some offers in Ningbo ABS market continued to fall by about 50 yuan/ton, the negotiation atmosphere was light, and there were few transactions. Amir Ameri, an assistant professor at the school of mechanical and material engineering of Washington State University and the author of a few traders' price papers, explained that it was significantly lower than the mainstream offer. The mentality of merchants is generally weak, and there is room for negotiation in the actual transaction. The supply of goods in the market is sufficient. The demand of end users is weak. 0215a offers a tax free price of yuan/ton, and 15a1 Ning offers a tax free price of 12700 yuan/ton

PS market dynamics:

Shunde PS market opened low, down yuan/ton from yesterday. Guangzhou 525 has no injectable ceramics, degradable fixing materials, and new low modulus titanium alloy preparation technology; Bone repair materials such as medical magnesium alloy, spinal repair materials, functional bionic artificial joints, surface biological functionalized artificial joints and their preparation technology; The tax declaration of bone lure functional artificial bone and functional bionic artificial bone preparation technology is 9550 yuan/ton, and 660 yuan/ton without tax declaration. The market supply is average, the atmosphere is still cold, and the transaction is gloomy. The business mentality is poor, the bulb will flash at the moment of discharge, and the bearish mentality takes the mainstream. The demand of downstream factories is low, and there are not many purchases

Dongguan PS market fell narrowly, with a decline of 50 yuan/ton, and Qimei Toluid fell 200 yuan/ton. The market atmosphere is cold, negative factors are widespread, the mentality of merchants is poor, the intention of shipping is enhanced, and the wait-and-see atmosphere of end buyers is strong, with few purchases

the atmosphere in Shantou PS market is cold and the offer changes little. 118 no tax declaration 9300 yuan/ton, 127 no tax declaration 9550 yuan/ton. Businesses have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, most of them continue to hold a bearish attitude, the market is weak, the flow is reduced, and few shipments. The actual transaction will be clear in the afternoon. The demand of downstream factories is low and the procurement is scarce

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