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Singapore encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to try RFID system

it was learned on June 9 that in order to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the trial program of RFID system, the Singapore commodity numbering Council announced the decision that enterprises participating in the program could receive more than 50% of the total cost of the standard productivity and innovation Bureau (spring)

Chen Renshun, executive director of Singapore commodity numbering Council, revealed that the trial program will be implemented in September this year and is expected to last for nine months. After the trial scheme, the Council will review it and then make an appropriate response

Chen Renshun said that using the system requires about 1.6 million to 2 million yuan. However, he said that interested small and medium-sized enterprises need not worry, because the Bureau of standards, productivity and innovation will allocate funds from their domestic sector productiv electronic universal laboratory Fund (dspf) to help them cope with more than half of their expenses

Chen Renshun said that at present, the Council is cooperating with the Federation of trade unions to encourage different enterprises to participate in this use plan. He said that there should be about 20 companies involved. The Council will contact these participating companies and discuss with them the appropriate expenses and the process of using the computer screen to display the experimental force and experimental curve. Chen Renshun said that the Council understands that different companies will have different infrastructure equipment, and it must arrange how to implement the trial plan according to the equipment in the company

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