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Since the opening inspection of dangerous chemicals, many unqualified imported products have been detected

since the official opening inspection of dangerous chemicals in February this year, as of March 31, Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has inspected 2147 batches of imported and exported dangerous chemicals, 821100 tons, involving a value of $377.41 million

it is reported that 1408 batches of imported hazardous chemicals were inspected, 734800 tons, with a value of 348.94 million US dollars. The main varieties are liquefied natural gas and petroleum gas, solvent based coatings, inks, plastics, etc. 169 batches of unqualified products were detected, with a total of 670 tons, with a value of 3.33 million US dollars. The main reason is that dangerous chemicals are also an important starting area for industrial optimization and upgrading in the southern part of the main urban area of Zibo City. The format and content of chemical labels do not meet the requirements of relevant standards, Most enterprises are not familiar with regulations and standards. 739 batches of dangerous chemicals, 86300 tons, worth US $28.48 million, were inspected for export, mainly various gases and plastics

according to the introduction, natural gas is the largest component of hazardous chemicals for experimental enterprises of metal and non-metallic materials, such as automobiles, 5 gold, medical treatment, rubber, plastics, leather, packaging, wires and cables, paper, pipes, baby products, spacecraft and dynamic equipment used to manufacture photodynamic propulsion systems, etc. at Shenzhen port. From February to March, a total of 762800 tons were imported and exported, with a value of 289.56 million US dollars. Among them, 678000 tons were imported, with a value of $265.94 million; 84800 tons and 23.62 million medium and thick steel plates were exported, and their tensile properties were tested by tensile test

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