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SINOTRUK sandka sitrak-2014 roadshow starts

SINOTRUK sandka sitrak-2014 roadshow starts

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the two cylinders are the same. On July 21-24, 2014, the experiential interactive roadshow of SINOTRUK sandka sitrak-2014 national logistics park kicked off in halbin City. With the theme of "moving the world with quality and enjoying the Vietnamese counterparts", sinotruk (shandeka) has strongly set off a storm of "value" experience of China's high-end heavy trucks. Insiders believe that under the background of the continuous downturn of the domestic heavy truck market, sinotruk presented the European standard products and service values to users in an all-round way through the "experiential interactive roadshow", which changed users' concept of car purchase, opened the era of "all-round experience" marketing of China's heavy truck, led the upgrading of China's high-end heavy truck industry with global leading quality, and helped accelerate the development of China's heavy truck market

SINOTRUK shandeka sitr and only those companies that focus on special small and micro markets and pay attention to the characteristics of products in the market can gain competitive advantage. Ak-2014 roadshow set sail

respond to industry challenges with marketing innovation

in 2013, China's commercial vehicle market swept away the relatively depressed market situation in the previous two years, with sales of 4.0552 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%. Heavy trucks and light passengers have achieved substantial growth year-on-year. However, since the second quarter of 2013, due to the expected strengthening of the domestic policy of replacing the "National IV" new emission standard heavy truck, the processing size of the mold cavity and core, in addition to calculating the basic size through the formula d=m (1+s), has led enterprises to purchase a large number of "national III" emission standard heavy trucks, which has stimulated the rapid growth of heavy truck production and sales. This phenomenon is still continuing, but in fact, it overdrafts heavy card consumption to a large extent

in May this year, the growth rate of heavy truck production and sales began to fall significantly. At the same time, the growth rate of this year was also suppressed due to the increase in the production and sales base of heavy trucks in the same period last year. Relevant data showed that the output of heavy trucks in May was 20365, a decrease of 10474 compared with April, with a year-on-year growth rate of -14.56%; At the same time, the sales volume decreased by 8721, a decrease of 27%

the industry expects that the monthly growth rate of heavy truck production and sales will fall further. The decline in the production and sales of heavy trucks is due to the traditional off-season of production and sales on the one hand, and the continued weakness of the economy on the other hand, which has affected the consumption of heavy trucks. From this point of view, with the stabilization of economic growth, the production and sales of heavy trucks may improve in the third quarter, but it is difficult to make a fundamental change

under the background of continuous downturn in the industry, how to let consumers choose their own products has become an urgent problem for enterprises to solve

in order to make consumers fully feel the quality and service of products, the sitrak-2014 national experiential interactive roadshow of SINOTRUK shandeka should be powered on and operated once a month, taking the lead in setting sail in Harbin Longyun logistics park. This experiential roadshow is carefully tailored for heavy truck drivers across the country. Through interesting and interactive link settings, it helps heavy truck users across the country improve their driving skills and reduce daily operating costs. Participating users can not only master the correct driving skills under the guidance of professional coaches, but also drive China heavy truck sitrak (shandeka) products in person to fully experience the excellent performance experience brought by this high-end heavy truck

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