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Interview with Cao he, vice president of Jiangsu China Resources

China construction glass and Industrial Glass Association recently issued a proposal to the whole industry to "strengthen self-discipline, limit production and increase efficiency". After the proposal was issued, it caused great repercussions in the glass industry. In early October, he interviewed Caohe, deputy general manager of Jiangsu China Resources Group Co., Ltd

Cao he first expressed his support for the "proposal" issued by the China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, and said that China Resources will take the lead in limiting production and reducing production, strictly implement product standards, respond to the initiative of the glass association, and do not produce "non-standard products" or exceed the design capacity. President Cao said that China resources should not only be an advocate, but also an implementer. At present, China Resources has stopped production of three float production lines, which fully demonstrates the style of a large enterprise that dares to undertake society and industry in the face of market storms and difficulties

glass product standards are mandatory standards, and glass products must meet product standards before leaving the factory. However, driven by interests, some enterprises still produce "non-standard products". "Non standard products" mainly rely on the thin products, that is, the low thickness to substitute inferior products for good ones, and use Jerry built products to mislead the market and consumers, and even deceive consumers. Not long ago, in the national sampling inspection of glass quality organized by the State Administration of quality supervision, the qualified rate of product quality inspection was 84. 6%。

according to the analysis of the glass association, the qualified rate in the market is lower than this number, because the unqualified rate is more than 15. 4%。 One of the most important reasons for the unqualified rate is that the thickness of the product does not meet the standard. This also reflects the rampancy of glass "non-standard products" in the market from another perspective. Caohe said that he hoped that through the leadership of large enterprises in the national glass industry, the coordination of the glass association, and in conjunction with industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments, the glass products in the market, especially in Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei and Wuhan, would be sampled, and the enterprises producing "non-standard products" would be exposed as necessary, so as to urge all glass enterprises to produce in strict accordance with national standards, and urge glass enterprises to exercise strict self-discipline, Regulate their own market behavior. The lesson of "Sanlu milk powder" incident should also arouse our vigilance to the quality of glass products

at present, in the glass market, some enterprises have sold flat glass with a thickness of 5 mm to 21 yuan/square meter. Why dare to sell such a low price is because the thickness of the glass produced by enterprises is only 4. 7 mm. Imagine how much potential quality hazards will be buried in the quality of processed glass when such quality glass (and some glass has rainbow and other phenomena) enters the glass processing process. More importantly, the popularity of "non-standard products" in the market will produce the effect of "bad money expelling good money", and some high-quality products will be injured out of the low price competition of low-quality products. In order to safeguard the interests of consumers and the order of the glass market, we must let "non-standard products" withdraw from the market, so as to create a standardized environment for the healthy development of the flat glass industry

In early September, the glass association proposed at the Guangzhou glass annual meeting that enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, maintain market order and improve product quality. After the annual meeting, from the perspective of regional market, enterprises in East China have reached a consensus to eliminate the production of "non-standard products"

the proposal of "limiting production and increasing efficiency" put forward by China architectural glass and industrial glass association is very in line with the wishes of the majority of flat glass enterprises. Judging from the current market development trend, limiting production is one of the most effective ways to deal with market difficulties

Cao he talked about his three views on this. First, the glass loading range is wide. Enterprises should control the glass production capacity within the design capacity of the production line for the production of qilego building blocks and other toy products and packaging materials; Second, large enterprises should limit production or shut down production lines by more than 20%, so as to affect and drive the production restriction of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to Mr. Cao, in fact, large domestic glass enterprises are very negative in this regard. At present, large enterprises such as Lobo glass, Qinhuangdao Glass, Zhejiang glass and China resources have entered or entered cold repair in advance with more than two production lines respectively. Third, the built production line needs to postpone ignition and put into production; The production lines under construction or to be built need to be postponed to reduce the pressure of the market

in addition, there is an urgent need for the glass association to work together with the government to do a good job in withdrawing backward glass production capacity from the market. A combination of several measures will certainly bring impetus to the market. President Cao said that due to the gradual production restriction of glass enterprises in the past oneortwo months, it has had a great impact on the upstream industry. Recently, the prices of fuel oil and soda ash have fallen; The price of glass market is also stabilizing

China Resources Group is the largest float glass production enterprise in China, with 7800 employees, a total asset of 3.7 billion yuan, and an annual output of 42million weight boxes. At present, the sensor for data strength testing machine on the market has the production capacity of small force value ordinary S-type sensor float glass, 5million square meters of processed glass and 500000 square meters of microcrystalline plate. At present, China Resources Group has a total of 12 float glass production lines in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, Jiangmen, Guangdong, Zhongshan, Dalian, Liaoning and other places. Through the introduction of foreign advanced processes, technologies, equipment and operating software, the company has the ability to produce high-quality float glass in large quantities, "China Resources" brand 1. White, sapphire blue, ocean blue and European green float glass with a thickness of 6~19 mm can meet the needs of various customers for product specifications and provide support for various deep processing. CR products are sold all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions

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