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Vatti superbody ex68 i11068+i10034b high suction automatic range hood evaluation is it good?

vatti superbody ex68 i11068+i10034b high suction automatic range hood gas cooker set package

20m3 instant suction automatic washing integrated body first-class energy efficiency

first use experience: 618 bought, generally speaking, it's good. The service before selling plastic machine products will exceed other types is particularly excellent. Have missed the time to receive coupons, and the customer service actually applied for me again! awesome! After sales installation is also very awesome! Originally, I wanted to be non embedded, but I encountered a little episode, so I had to make it embedded 4: if I don't use machine tense for a long time after the experiment! The stove is finally installed. It's all five points. Evaluation after using it for a period of time:

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: vatti Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: vatti Co., Ltd.

Product Name: range hood

3C product model: cxw-228-i11067, When cxw-228-i11 breaks, the 10 prefix will automatically stop 069, cxw-228-i11068 24

3c specifications and models: cxw-228-i11067, cxw-228-i11069, cxw-228-i11068 24

origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: vatti/vatti

model: i11068+i10034b

range hood model: i11068

range hood exhaust volume: 18 cubic meters/minute

Color Classification: [start at 10:00 on the 31st!]

fuel type: natural gas liquefied gas

control panel material of range hood: other

gas stove structure: embedded

installation position of range hood: top suction but

intra city service: intra city door-to-door delivery

after sales service: national joint insurance

smoke stove elimination package category: smoke stove combination

range hood type: European style

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