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A variety of fruit and vegetable packaging machine

a variety of fruit and vegetable packaging machine. The front and upper part of the machine frame is obliquely installed with a fruit feeder that can make fruits and vegetables slide rapidly in the V-shaped fruit supply trough. The tail of the fruit supply trough is connected with several V-shaped packaging bottom grids that can make the packaging film and fruits and vegetables move upward, which are usually used by manufacturers of relative materials, The double door intermittent fruit supply device behind the fruit feeder realizes the intermittent supply of fruits and vegetables in a horizontal row and the intermittent addition of preservatives. The packaging film supplied by the upper and lower film supply wheels installed on the rack clamps the fruits and vegetables in the middle, and then the fruits and vegetables are combined by the film collecting wheel. After that, the fruits and vegetables can be made of plastic through the transverse compression device installed at the corresponding position of the rack, the transverse compression and longitudinal compression cutting device, and then the transverse cutting of the transverse cutting device, A single sealed film package of fruits and vegetables with preservative inside is obtained. Rotating and adjusting the chain wheel makes the recycling amount of several string recycling enterprises very small, and the position axis rotates to realize synchronous width adjustment. The conversion tower chain has the advantages of reliable design, simple operation, and frugal energy. The diameter of the wheel obtains the corresponding film supply speed, and realizes the packaging of a variety of fruits and vegetables with different specifications and shapes. The packaging machine has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, low labor intensity, time and labor saving, and high packaging quality

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