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A variety of instruments and meters have been selected into the national key product catalogue of strategic emerging industries

recently, the national development and Reform Commission station announced the guidance catalogue of key products and services of strategic emerging industries. According to the seven industries and 24 development directions determined in the decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, the guidance catalogue is further refined to nearly 3100 segmented products and services, including about 740 energy-saving and environmental protection industries, about 950 new generation information technology industries, about 500 biological industries, about 270 high-end equipment manufacturing industries, about 300 new energy industries, and about 280 new materials industries, There are about 60 new energy vehicle industries. Among them, the relevant contents related to instruments and meters include:

I. high efficiency energy storage, energy conservation monitoring and energy measurement

high efficiency discharge feedback battery formation technology, and lead-acid battery high efficiency and low energy consumption plate manufacturing technology. Fast and accurate portable or on-board energy-saving detection equipment, energy measurement, detection technology and equipment. Portable equipment, equipment and detection technology for thermal detection. Operation efficiency evaluation and energy-saving transformation technology of compressors, pumps, motors and other general equipment in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other process industries

II. Environmental monitoring instruments and emergency treatment equipment

large laboratory general analysis, fast and accurate portable or vehicle mounted emergency monitoring, industrial organic ecological pollutants and heavy metal pollution continuous monitoring technical equipment. Persistent pollutants sampling and analysis system, environmental remote sensing monitoring and quantity traceability standard equipment, air quality and pollution source monitoring system, pollution accident emergency monitoring and other portable on-site rapid measuring instruments and early warning and alarm instruments, atmospheric pollutants detection system, mine safety monitoring, early warning and prevention technology. Regional ambient air characteristics and water quality characteristics automatic monitoring system for organic pollutants, heavy metal monitoring system, and real-time monitoring system for dangerous goods transportation carriers. New pollution source flue gas continuous automatic detection technology, cyanide automatic monitor, electrochemical automatic detection platform of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in water, pollution control system operation and maintenance service and remote diagnosis management system, biotoxic water quality early warning and monitoring technology and equipment, heavy metal monitor, odor monitor, volatile organic matter monitor, rural ecological environment rapid detection equipment Solar floating full-automatic water detection device, portable wireless broad-spectrum intelligent spectrophotometer water pollutant detector, rapid screening instrument for genotoxic pollutants in water, denitration efficiency monitoring technology and equipment, ultraviolet integral spectroscopy sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide monitor. Ammonia nitrogen monitor, leakage monitoring/detection and early warning system of landfill impervious layer, portable emergency detection equipment, container mobile automatic water quality monitoring station, reactor BOD rapid tester. Ammonia nitrogen automatic monitor, ship anti pollution detection system, radioactive object processing measurement instrument, nuclear radiation monitoring and alarm instrument, chemical oxygen demand water quality monitor, laser process gas analysis system, ultraviolet (UV) absorption water quality automatic monitor, ultraviolet differential flue gas emission continuous monitoring system, atmospheric particulate matter monitoring instrument, IOT system, emergency monitoring auxiliary management system for sudden marine pollution accidents, Mobile field emergency monitoring equipment for marine pollution, monitoring system and equipment for transportation of marine polluted water bodies, etc

mobile water treatment equipment, mobile integrated device for rapid emergency treatment of toxic and harmful muddy water (liquid) environmental pollution, small integrated mobile medical wastewater treatment equipment, environmental emergency monitoring vehicle (ship) and other equipment. Emergency multi-functional mobile high-temperature solid waste treatment equipment, mobile emergency medical waste treatment vehicle, which proves that lightweight has important positive significance for greenhouse gas emission reduction in the automotive industry, intercepting oil-water separation and recovery equipment

III. intelligent water affairs

raw water safety early warning system, water treatment adaptive dosing system, water supply pipe model system, water supply pipe leakage monitoring system, urban rainwater classification collection and treatment control system, rainstorm emergency early warning control system, precise aeration system, drainage pipe model system, urban water supply and drainage optimization scheduling system, water supply and drainage information platform, low energy consumption data acquisition terminal, simulation instrument technology

IV. marine water quality and ecological environment monitoring instruments and equipment

applicable to marine water quality integrated monitoring systems on various platforms, various portable water quality monitoring instruments, as well as laboratory and in-situ measurement equipment, including: automatic nutrient analyzer, total phosphorus and total nitrogen monitor, chemical oxygen demand monitor, biological oxygen consumption monitor, total organic carbon monitor, various organic matter (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.) measuring instruments Yellow organic matter meter, heavy metal monitoring equipment (mercury, lead, etc.), oil concentration meter, oil film thickness meter, algae monitoring equipment, marine water quality sensor (pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, can only rely on the operator's rich experience to regulate methane, carbon dioxide, etc.)

v. network equipment

network and terminal test and measurement equipment. Including communication network and communication terminal testing, wired and wireless communication measuring instruments. 2. When the lens surface is stained with oil or fingerprints, network communication measuring instruments, base station measuring instruments, measuring instruments and other measuring instruments

VI. special electronic equipment and instruments

coating, sputtering, etching and other equipment for semiconductor production. Special equipment for lithium ion battery production. High precision automatic printer, high-speed multi-function automatic mounter, lead-free reflow welder and other electronic components surface mounting and whole machine assembly equipment. High performance permanent magnet component production equipment, metallized ultra thin film power capacitor production equipment, ultra small chip component production equipment, high-density printed circuit board production equipment and other new electronic component equipment. High end electronic special measuring instruments. It includes new generation communication and network testing instruments such as TD-LTE, semiconductor and integrated circuit testing instruments such as main exponential mode mixed signal integrated circuit testing systems, memory testers, analysis and testing instruments, digital TV signal sources, digital audio and video testers, image quality analyzers, network quality and safety testers, etc

VII. Medical inspection and testing instruments

medical inspection and testing instruments. Including ECG/EEG/EMG/evoked potential and other electrophysiological signal analyzer, multi parameter monitor, wearable physiological parameter monitor, continuous ambulatory blood pressure detection analyzer, non-invasive/minimally invasive blood glucose tester, pulmonary function tester and cardiopulmonary function comprehensive tester, Doppler OCT blood flow imager, endoscopic optical coherence tomography diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic bone densitometer, intelligent diagnostic capsule and other medical Microsystems Noninvasive sleep breathing detector, noninvasive/minimally invasive intracranial pressure monitor, vascular function detection equipment, screening and diagnosis equipment for major chronic diseases such as breast cancer/gastric cancer/lung cancer/cervical cancer, life information remote monitoring instrument and information system, human body sensing network, etc

biochemical detection instrument. Including high-throughput automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic fast (dry) biochemical analyzer, automatic electrolyte analyzer, automatic biochemical (nutrition and metabolism) analyzer, automatic fast (dry) integrated clinical nutrition screening system, automatic fast (dry) hypertension hierarchical classification analysis system, automatic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay system, vaginal secretion analysis system, hemoglobin analyzer, chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer, Fluorescence immunoanalyzer, blood gas analyzer, flow cytometry analyzer, chemical morphology integrated urine analyzer, rapid microbial analysis mass spectrometer, metabolic disease screening instrument, automatic blood group analyzer, full-automatic hemagglutination detector, microbial culture instrument, portable field biochemical detector, full-automatic blood cell analyzer, specific protein detector, confocal scanner, microspectrophotometer On site multi parameter detector (P requires the use of linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge OCT), body fluid analysis system, and various reagents corresponding to the above instruments

molecular detection instrument. It includes real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, biochip reader, nucleic acid rapid extractor, automatic nucleic acid extractor, micro spectrophotometer, thermostatic chip nucleic acid real-time detection system, high-throughput gene sequencer, automatic chemiluminescence instrument, chip hybridization instrument, chip dryer, confocal scanner

VIII. Intelligent measurement and control device

intelligent control system manufacturing refers to the manufacturing of industrial control systems used in CNC machine tools, basic processing equipment, complete sets of continuous and discrete intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent equipment in non manufacturing industries to realize control functions. It includes machine tool numerical control system, decentralized control system, fieldbus control system, programmable control system, embedded special control system, safety control system and industrial computer system

intelligent instruments and meters refer to the manufacturing of instruments and meters used for continuous and discrete intelligent manufacturing processes and equipment, as well as for continuous measurement of temperature, pressure, position, speed and other variables in non manufacturing industries. Including sensors and their systems, intelligent measuring instruments, analytical instruments, special instruments and meters for environmental monitoring, intelligent electric actuators and valve positioners, control valves, special variable measuring instruments and instruments, nondestructive testing instruments, material performance test instruments, intelligent electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters and their monitoring devices, and other intelligent instruments and meters

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