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Vida international has become the first enterprise in the industry to carry out energy management system certification

in recent years, with the development of global industry, various countries pay more and more attention to energy. ISO has established the iso/tc242 energy management system project committee, which is responsible for discussing and formulating the international energy management system certification standards, and has issued the "energy management system requirements and guidelines for use". In the past three decades of development, Vader international has always implemented the development policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and health, vigorously responded to the call for green production, and actively participated in the revision of the industry's energy management system certification guidelines and standards. After the release and implementation of the energy management system certification standard, Vida accelerated the transformation from labor-intensive to technology capital intensive industrial structure. The international is not only the first batch of enterprises to implement the new system certification, but also the first household paper enterprise in the industry to carry out the system certification

in May this year, the three production bases of Vida international in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province took the lead in launching the certification of energy management system. In combination with the actual production situation, the three production bases formulated the implementation plan of the certification work, established the certification work schedule, and completed the certification work step by step and efficiently. In mid May, the three production bases cooperated with the certification center to carry out the popularization and training of the standard knowledge of the energy management system. Through the training, all employees have a deeper understanding of the system certification, and master the requirements and procedures of fracture toughness test of the specimen of the energy management system under the alternating load generated by the exciter, so as to lay a solid knowledge foundation for the certification work in the future

according to the plan, the certification of Vida international energy management system is in full swing. The certification of three production bases in Guangdong Province and Zhejiang production base is planned to pass the certification by the end of this year. The other five production bases of Weida international in China, including Hubei, Sichuan, Beijing, Liaoning and Shandong, will all pass the certification before 2014. Vida international, which actively fulfills the social responsibility, will provide consumers with high-quality products and provide green development impetus for society and the environment

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