Exclusive interview with President Li of Beijing G

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Exclusive interview with global glass group president Li

as the leader of the domestic glass deep processing equipment industry, glass: keep the texture, North Glass Group made a shocking appearance at the 2017 China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition

in this exhibition, North glass group showed a variety of mechanical equipment for on-site operation demonstration, especially ro series magnetic levitation cutting machine, the third generation high-end series (a series) tempering furnace, or some structural components of the automotive industry, electronic and electrical industry and mechanical industry with relatively harsh technical requirements; Shuttle glass screen printing machine, special-shaped glass cutting, breaking and grinding production line and other large-scale mechanical equipment have attracted many professional audiences at home and abroad to stop and watch, and also brought more cooperation opportunities for the company

the figure shows the mechanical equipment shown by Beige: cutting machine

high end linear electric; High precision integrated cutter head body; High speed and high precision; Equipped with LOW-E film removal device

the figure shows the rapid mold design of the shuttle glass screen printing machine

; Japanese intelligent system control; Customer informatization MES management digital link; It is suitable for glass industry such as automobile, solar energy and industrial windows

the picture shows the staff of Beijing glass discussing cooperation with customers ▲

at this exhibition, global glass had the honor to interview president Li, the sales director of Beijing Glass Group, on the use of daily-use goods such as food, to explore the essence of enterprise development and understand the advantages of its products

years have surged by relying on the momentum that will never return. After decades of territory expansion, Beibo group has developed into five production bases in Luoyang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and Guangdong, integrating the R & D, manufacturing and sales of glass deep-processing technology and equipment and high-end energy-saving deep-processing glass products, High tech industry group with complete industrial chain and continuous independent innovation ability

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