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The variable format compacta printing machine is located in the Paris printing house

Sego group of France recently signed an agreement with gaobao to purchase compacta 818 variable format printing machine

the maximum printing width of compacta 818 printer is 2060 mm, the processing activity is excellent, the circumference of the drum is 1197 mm, and the maximum output speed can reach 45000 rpm. In addition to being able to print paper rolls with a maximum diameter of 1524 mm, the four-color printing unit of this device also has the functions of shearing, breaking, plate changing and hot air drying in the direction of about 45 degrees after half bearing a great force, and can be equipped with gaobao V5 folding machine according to the needs of users

it is understood that this printing machine is scheduled to start production in January 2008. The total investment of the project is about 500million yuan

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