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VCSEL fire MOCVD market new opportunities

it is reported that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted apple a patent on pressure sensor on Tuesday. In the future, Apple may use face ID's VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) technology to improve the 3D touch function of iPhone in the future

two years ago, Apple released the 3D face recognition function, bringing VCSEL technology into public view. This is the second time Apple has introduced VCSEL technology to the stage since 2017

mocvd is the key of VCSEL

in the past, VCSEL was mainly used as a low-cost light source technology for motion tracking and data transmission for computer mouse, laser printer and optical fiber communication. In 1996, VCSEL was first applied to optical communication, especially in the field of short-range optical communication. 850 nm VCSEL has become one of the ideal light sources. Then, 3D face recognition appeared, providing an opportunity for the development of 940 nm VCSEL. So far, the 850 nm mainly used in optical communication has slowly turned to 940 nm mainly used in consumer equipment

in addition, people also found that VCSEL also has extremely superior performance in AR, VR, intelligent assisted driving and artificial intelligence. Among them, laser radar and other automotive applications with higher power requirements need 3 Use a dial gauge with magnet to hit the lower part of the broach (dial gauge Zeroing) and use a larger VCSEL array

however, the manufacturing process of VCSEL is very complex, especially relying on MOCVD (metal organic vapor deposition) process

mark MCK, director of product marketing of Veeco, is easy to verify from one laboratory to another. EE believes that "the development of VCSEL technology requires the purchase of more metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) System to ensure that the manufacturing capacity accelerates to keep up with the demand of lidar system. The problem now is how to achieve the highest performance and yield to meet market demand. This needs to be based on industry-leading MOCVD technology. "

it can be seen that MOCVD technology is important for the development of VCSEL. So, what is MOCVD

what is MOCVD

mocvd is a new technology proposed by Manasevit and others of Rockwell company of the United States in 1968 to prepare chemical platform single crystal films, which was put into practice in the early 1980s. By definition, MOCVD is a new vapor phase epitaxial growth technology developed on the basis of vapor phase epitaxial growth (VPE)

in metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology, the reaction gas is combined in the reactor at elevated temperature to cause chemical interaction, and the material is deposited on the substrate. In MOCVD, it is an important task during page processing to eliminate duplicate content or theme pages. Ultra pure gas is injected into the reactor and finely measured to deposit a very thin atomic layer on the semiconductor wafer. The surface reaction of organic compounds or metal organic compounds containing the required chemical elements and hydrides creates conditions for crystal growth to form the epitaxy of materials and compound semiconductors. Unlike traditional silicon semiconductors, these semiconductors can contain a combination of group III and V, group II and VI, group IV or group IV, V and VI elements

after nearly 20 years of rapid development, MOCVD has become one of the key technologies in the preparation of semiconductor platform materials. It is widely used in the preparation of various thin film materials, including semiconductor devices, optical devices, gas sensors, superconducting thin film materials, ferroelectric/ferromagnetic thin films, high dielectric materials and so on

according to Wikipedia, the reactor for MOCVD must withstand high temperature. The reaction chamber is composed of reactor wall, liner, base, gas injection unit and temperature control unit. Usually, the reactor wall is made of stainless steel or quartz. Ceramic or special glass, such as quartz, is usually used as a lining in the reaction chamber between the reactor wall and the base. To prevent overheating, the cooling water must flow through the channel in the reactor wall. The substrate is located on a base at a controlled temperature. The receptors are made of materials that are resistant to the organometallic compounds used. For the growth of nitrides and related materials, a special coating (usually silicon nitride) on the graphite base is necessary to prevent ammonia (NH3) gas corrosion

mocvd equipment

according to the data, MOCVD equipment can be used in many fields such as LED and power devices. It is the most critical equipment in the production process of LED chips. Its process and technology are extremely complex. It is also the most expensive equipment in the manufacturing process of LED chips, accounting for almost half of the cost of LED epitaxial chips

according to the in-depth research report of Oriental Wealth securities on San'an optoelectronics, by 2018, the main production equipment MOCVD of San'an optoelectronics company is expected to reach nearly 400 (equivalent to the number of 2-inch 54 chip machines), and the production capacity accounts for nearly 30% of the country. Among them, Xiamen San'an ordered 50 sets of MOCVD equipment from aixtron Se in Germany on September 26, 2014, with a total price of US $130000000

on average, the selling price of production-oriented MOCVD equipment is as high as 10-20 million yuan. According to the model, the selling price of 6-Piece machine is about 700000 US dollars, and that of 9-piece machine is about 1million US dollars. Together with relevant supporting equipment and facilities, a production line LED production line needs to invest more than 40 million yuan

mocvd equipment is so expensive, which players can supply this equipment

what are the manufacturers of MOCVD equipment

according to Limu information consulting, the compound annual average growth rate of the global MOCVD market will increase to 14% before 2021, and the market size will increase from $614.8 million in 2016 to $1.162.8 billion in 2021

at present, Veeco in the United States, aixtron in Germany, Nippon sanso and Nissin electric in Japan are early start MOCVD equipment suppliers. However, due to Japan's export restriction policy on MOCVD equipment, the global MOCVD market is basically monopolized by Veeco and aixtron. At the same time, the two MOCVD equipment companies also unanimously predict that there will be about 250 mass-produced machines worldwide in 2022 to grow epitaxial wafers required by VCSEL, reaching about 1/6 of the number of MOCVD machines required by the current global LED market

at the same time, it is also reported that Taiwan epitaxial manufacturers have the technical ability to produce 4-inch and 6-inch products at this stage. On the mainland, China's enterprises involved in MOCVD equipment are also increasing, among which Zhongsheng optoelectronics, Guangdong Zhaoxin, Zhongwei semiconductor and other enterprises have achieved certain results

In 1945, Veeco was merged by two Manhattan Project scientists Frank Raible and Al nerken, who created the helium leak detector

Veeco's new Epik 868 MOCVD system is the most productive MOCVD system in the LED industry. Compared with previous generations, the cost per wafer is reduced by about 22%. Epik 868 adopts four reactor configuration and breakthrough technologies, including proprietary isoflange and truheat technology, which can provide uniform laminar flow and uniform temperature distribution on the whole wafer carrier. These technological innovations produce wavelength uniformity to increase output in a tighter box. Compared with Epik 700 system, Epik 868 system has a throughput advantage of 2.3 times, because it has larger reactor capacity and wafer carrier size. Designed for mass production, Epik 868 can accommodate 124x4 "and 48x6" wafer carrier sizes


aixtron se is a European technology company headquartered in Germany, which specializes in manufacturing metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) equipment for customers in the semiconductor industry. In October 2016, China's Fujian large chip Investment Fund LP hoped to acquire aixtron, but the German Ministry of economy withdrew its approval for the acquisition

aixtron and SemiLEDs jointly developed a 6-inch blue LED chip in May 2009. On the structure of 6x6 inch AIX 2800g4 HT MOCVD reactor, the output increased by about 30% (compared with the traditional 42x2 inch Architecture), which not only has better uniformity, but also reduces the edge effect. However, at this stage, most of the difficulties still lie in the high price of 6-inch substrates and the challenges of epitaxial wafer cutting technology

aixtron's most advanced and unique planetary turntable technology is applied to the large G4 2800ht 42*2 "and Thomas Swan (acquired by aixtron in 1999) CCS Cris 30*2" MOCVD system, making aixtron's MOCVD equipment recognized as the most perfect combination of technology and commercial value in the world

nippon sanso

taiyo Nippon sanso Corporation, commonly known as tnsc, is a Japanese multinational industrial gas manufacturer, established as Nippon sanso Corporation in 1918. The company is the largest industrial gas producer in Japan and one of the world's five largest industrial gas suppliers. In terms of electronic materials and equipment, its company can mainly provide high-purity gases, gas mixtures, purification equipment and other hardware and services, and provide stable nitrogen and various raw gas supplies for the electronic industry. They also provide small nitrogen generators, MOCVD equipment and waste gas emission reduction systems

the Gan MOCVD equipment produced by sanso company in Japan has excellent performance, but it is only sold in the Japanese market

Huaxin semiconductor

Huaxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the modern science and Technology Industrial Park in Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, with a total investment of 5billion yuan, including 1.2 billion yuan in the first phase, covering an area of more than 90 Mu and a construction area of 50000 square meters. The company has internationally advanced epitaxial metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) equipment, chip process equipment and packaging equipment, It is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of cutting-edge compound semiconductor optoelectronic chips and their application products. The main products of the company are blue-green semiconductor laser chips, VCSEL semiconductor laser chips, DFB, EML semiconductor laser chips. China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, optical chips and their packaging modules

in 2017, Huaxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Laser Engineering Research Institute of Beijing University of technology to develop VCSEL products based on fully independently developed epitaxial growth technology and put them into mass production. In the process of completely independent development of 940 nm VCSEL, it was found that the reasonable design of VCSEL structure, accurate growth of materials through metal organic compound vapor phase epitaxy (MOCVD) technology and complex chip technology are the keys to the successful development of VCSEL

China micro semiconductor

in November 2018, Nanchang "Nanchang Optical Valley" with LED optoelectronic industry as the core ushered in a major breakthrough in attracting investment: in terms of LED high-end core equipment MOCVD, China micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was introduced, so that the LED industry bid farewell to the history of only importing core equipment MOCVD from the United States. The settlement of high-end equipment MOCVD production project of China micro semiconductor equipment company has injected new blood into the core competitiveness of Jiangxi LED industry

in 2017, China micro semiconductor announced that the shipment of its MOCVD equipment prism A7 has exceeded 100, reaching an important milestone, including devices such as San'an optoelectronics and Huacan optoelectronics, which can accommodate up to 4 reaction chambers and process 136 4-inch Lei chips at the same time. Due to the continuous receipt of new orders, China micro is expected to ship about 120 MOCVD equipment by the end of 2017

Zhongsheng optoelectronics

since it successfully delivered China's first large-scale domestic MOCVD equipment with the world's advanced level at the end of 2012, it has established its holding subsidiary Zhongsheng Technology (Nanchang) Co., Ltd. at the end of last year, where MOCVD equipment and silicon-based Gan epitaxial chips will be mass produced

according to the introduction, the MOCVD of Zhongsheng optoelectronics has four core competitiveness: the highest system capacity in the world, the lowest epitaxial production cost, good wavelength uniformity, and

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