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Fiberhome vbras solution helps operators' DC transformation of the metropolitan area

with the deepening of sdn/nfv technology research, for the future development of the metropolitan area network, the operator's vision is: the current static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet, rubber, paper, escort belt, tire and other materials when sliding need to measure the flattened architecture to achieve large capacity, less nodes, wide coverage of the metropolitan backbone, reduce the cascade number Resource sharing and unified scheduling, improve resource utilization, reduce network construction costs, and achieve flexible network scheduling of carrier level cloud network. The emergence of vbras has timely solved the above problems. As the application of nfv technology in metropolitan areas, vbras will inevitably become one of the key points, which is determined by the characteristics of nfv technology and bra equipment

Fiberhome fitbras is a virtualization bras product developed based on the above ideas. In terms of function, it can meet the access authentication and three-layer forwarding requirements required by traditional bras, and has excellent service forwarding performance; In terms of architecture, it is a new generation of network equipment completely oriented to sdn/nfv architecture, with the characteristics of flexible deployment and dynamic capacity expansion of nfv equipment. Fitbras supports the configuration management based on NETC, so that the light cannot pass through the onf and Yang models. It has a friendly graphical management interface and supports templating configuration, which can greatly improve the user experience; In addition, it can also be compatible with centralized deployment and transfer control separation at the same time. Among them, the transfer control separation method is compatible with the C-U transfer control separation interface and standard released by China Mobile, which can be flexibly deployed according to user needs

Fiberhome fitbras solution follows the standard ETSI nfv architecture, combines the technical advantages of SDN and nfv, and takes full account of the actual scene needs of operators to realize the separation of forwarding and control. "Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said that the vbras system with centralized control surface and diversified forwarding surface

advantages of Fiberhome fitbras transfer and separation: explored the whole process of copolymerization from beginning to end under heterogeneous and equal catalytic systems

resource utilization improvement

affected by the poor scalability of the traditional bras hardware performance bottleneck, the new generation of vbras Metro solutions enable bras-up to carry more users, improve the integration of bras equipment, and improve the utilization of bras equipment

CP cloud, the Metro solution of the new generation of vbras, centrally manages IP addresses through a unified control surface, and distributes them on demand. IP addresses are used efficiently, operation and maintenance management is simplified, and OPEX is greatly reduced

operation and maintenance simplification

bras-cp as a unified configuration entry, the control surface configuration is completed, and all bras-ups automatically complete the configuration, greatly saving the workload of operation and maintenance personnel configuration

increase of business launch rate

under the transfer control separation architecture, the rapid launch of new businesses only needs to upgrade bras-cp, which can save a lot of development and deployment time compared with traditional bras

capability opening and generalization up

realize the docking with third-party apps and promote the opening of network capabilities through standardized north interface

cost reduction

promote the opening, generalization and cost reduction of bras-up through standardized southbound interfaces, so as to facilitate the reuse and upgrading of existing bras equipment

based on the Cloud Architecture Idea of separating control and forwarding, Fiberhome fitbras solution fully draws on the centralized control idea of SDN technology and the device cloud idea of nfv. While retaining the high forwarding performance of bras devices, it cloud and centralize the computing intensive user management function of bras, while meeting the current requirements of function, performance, maintainability, rapid launch of new services, and supporting the evolution of network to cloud network structure

in November 2017, at the 5th China Mobile Global Partner Conference, China Mobile released the vbras partner plan, and beacon officially became the global partner of China Mobile vbras

at present, Fiberhome has joined the ONAP open source organization. ONAP, the open network automation platform, is the world's largest sdn/nfv network coordinator and choreographer open source community organized by China Mobile and at t. it is committed to realizing the sdn/nfv open source management platform with telecom cloud as the core and promoting the network reconstruction of operators. In the future, Fiberhome will continue to strengthen the research and development of vbras and help operators carry the DC transformation

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