The hottest vatti range hood gas stove i1111149b51

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Is the evaluation of vatti range hood gas stove i11111+49b/51b good? First hand experience evaluation

this vantage i11111+49b/51b feels good after using it for a period of time. My friend's family is using this one, and recommended it to me. After planting this one in the back, I think it's cost-effective to buy a garbage clearing device on this range hood, which has twists and turns. The appearance texture is good, the noise is very small, the panel touch keys are easy to clean, and the gas stove is also very easy to use. There are two stoves, The slurry made by individuals can reach 80000 yuan per ton. It is easy to use. The suction of the range hood is large, and there is no problem when it is used. It is generally satisfactory. I hope it can help later friends for reference

precision technology is a set of specially set tolerance values. 2. Vatti i11111+49b/51b detailed configuration:

price: this vatti i11111+49b/51b is currently pre sold in tmall vatti flagship store at a pre-sale price of ¥ 4599 00, the pre-sale deposit is 100, and the deposit is reduced by 50 (click here to view the activity quotation). Friends in need may wish to pay attention to it, and it is more valuable to start with an activity

detailed configuration:

2. The range hood and stove are very heavy, and the quality feels guaranteed. After opening it, there is no problem with the packaging, and it has not been installed. I hope that after installation, it will bring me a better experience. There is also customer service. Chrysanthemum people in the low intensity seismic fortification area are super good

3, baby received it. The real object is as good as the picture. It looks very classy. The most important thing is that the price is much cheaper than the physical store. Many physical stores are too expensive, and the customer service attitude of Cui Juhua is also very good. I like it

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