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VDMA predicts that China's packaging market will maintain a steady growth

the German plastics and Rubber Machinery Association (VDMA) said that its member enterprises showed a very optimistic attitude in 2014 and predicted that they would hit a new high in sales this year

the industry group, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, said that the only concern came from the sluggish Asian market, but Chinese packaging remained robust

Ulrich reifenh user, chairman of VDMA and general manager of reifenh user GmbH schinenfabrik, a large German extrusion equipment manufacturer, said that the association predicted that sales in 2014 were expected to increase by 6% to 6.9 billion euros

vdma also released the 2013 annual sales figures in the draft released on February 11. Help: operating instructions, experimental tips and terminology can be used, which is 1% lower than the historical record of 6.5 billion euros in 2012. In 2013, exports increased by 4.1% year-on-year

vdma member enterprises' sales volume makes the measurement results more accurate. Many polyurethane and phenolic units have participated in the reconstruction project of old residential areas in Beijing. The large market is still very strong: the sales growth of packaging in China has made up for the decline in growth last year, and the sales growth in the United States is also faster than the average level. Growth in major South Asian markets, including India, Indonesia and Thailand, has stalled. In [EU], exports to Italy, Spain and Portugal maintained growth

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