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Dataflex plus heat transfer intelligent code printer

Dataflex plus heat transfer intelligent code printer (TTO), newly launched by weidijie technology, can print high pixel logos on flexible packaging and labels, and has the most stable operation, the lowest cost and the easiest operation. The TTO code printer can print variable information and appropriate matching time information of the actual mold core and mold sleeve on the production line, such as shelf life, batch number, product number, component/part list, bar code and graphics

the patented technology of Dataflex plus ribbon direct drive includes some wear-resistant parts, which improves the stability of machine operation and reduces downtime and cost waste caused by ribbon fracture. The 1000 meter long ribbon is the longest ribbon on the market, so the frequency of changing the ribbon is the lowest, thus improving the efficiency of the production line. In addition, the ribbon box of the machine is the simplest on the market, which makes the ribbon replacement faster, more convenient and safer. Dataflex plus has an 8.4-inch SVGA graphical user interface and a color touch screen. Icon control is very easy to learn and operate. The standard WYSIWYG working display has the function of magnifying the display, which reduces the operator's misoperation and minimizes the possibility of printing error codes. The protection of level 3 password realizes a certain range of production and price advantages, which increases security

"Dataflex plus is super flexible and can be applied to any production environment", said Kent Morris, product manager of tto of VDG technology, "Its unique internal design enables the right-hand operation model and the left-hand operation model to convert each other in the intermittent and continuous systems. The industrial communication interface, Taihe USB connection, is the most complete communication configuration in the industry. Dataflex plus can control up to four printers through a controller, providing the simplest and most economical solution for production lines that need more than one code printer." The two-way ribbon drive design can ensure that each coding machine can always maintain the correct tension of the ribbon at any time, so that the length of the whole roll of ribbon can ensure a 1mm space between the printed labels, which improves the utilization rate of the ribbon, so that each roll of ribbon can print more labels, thus greatly improving the efficiency

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