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Vatti vantage i10049b new second generation upgraded mother natural gas stove evaluation? First hand evaluation experience

this vatti i10049b second-generation mother's natural gas stove has good function after using it for a period of time. My friend's family is using this one. It is said to be a new upgraded version in 2018. It is a second-generation mother's stove, with left cooking and right stir frying, five level fine control, removable function, which is relatively easy to use. It is recommended to me. This vatti gas stove is planted in the back. After receiving it, the energy gathering mother's stove opens, with a beautiful appearance and high-grade, and the workmanship details are also very good, This avoids the subsequent loss caused by unqualified parts. The installation of the stove is very simple and convenient. Different dishes are cooked in different ways. Buying an experimental machine is a simple one small step to the best effect! At present, I am generally satisfied Friends in need, please click here to view more friends' comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages

II. Price:

this vantage i10049b has a delicate and gentle feel. The new second-generation upgraded mother's natural gas stove is promoted in vantage flagship store. The price is the pre-sale price of ¥ 2899.00, and the deposit of ¥ 100.00. The payment cycle can be preset by 50 (click here to view tmall activity quotation). Friends in need may wish to pay attention to it, and it is more valuable to start an activity

III. detailed configuration:

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