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Shuyun exclusive interview with Tang Shi: "double 11" is going step by step, ready to go

less than 10 days from 2016 double 11, all major business platforms are actively preparing for the double 11. In order to restore real brand cases to you, Shuyun specially went to the top businesses of major projects to conduct interview activities, and deeply analyzed the strategies and future promotion plans of the businesses during the preparation period, so that you can better understand the double 11

Ningbo Boyang clothing group was founded in 1995. At present, the group has many national well-known brands. Tang Shi is one of the first-line domestic leisure clothing brands. It has been rated as China's 500 most valuable brands by the world brand laboratory for many years, with a brand value of 3.481 billion yuan. In the Internet + era, Tang Shi is the first casual wear brand to settle in tmall, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of e-commerce

today, with the prevalence of o2o in the clothing industry, what is Tang Shi's plan for the 2016 double 11? On this issue, we interviewed Zhou Enshen, head of Tang Shi tmall e-commerce

: if this year's double 11 is compared to a big exam for e-commerce enterprises, what do Tang Shi think is the best subject at present? What are the disciplines to be strengthened next

Zhou Enshen: if the double 11 is compared to a big exam, I think our advantage lies in our ability to clarify the direction of development. The advent of Internet has shortened the distance between us and consumers. With the continuous expansion of online channels, our goal is no longer to let consumers know our brand, but to let them get products and experience them before buying. In fact, so far, the double 11 has gone through many stages. At present, our focus is to ensure the efficiency of advertising before the double 11 and the sufficiency of main goods

: at present, the annual growth of e-commerce enterprises is rising like bamboo shoots. What do you think is the most critical to stand out in the omni channel layout

Zhou Enshen: in the Internet era, online and offline connectivity is no longer the key to the problem. For the omni channel layout, the quality of products is no longer the main factor determining success. To do a good job in Omni channel, we must first start from the essence of the brand. What we consider is brand positioning, product image, packaging, and services provided. These are the keys that determine whether an enterprise can stand out

: we know that your company achieved a proud 3800w on the double 11 last year, so what is the goal of this year? What are the promotion plans for future brands

Zhou Enshen: we achieved a turnover of 3800w last year. At the same time, our daily sales of this year, as long as it is not a monopoly industry, have doubled compared with last year. Therefore, the target for this year is tentatively set at 7000W, instead of blindly setting a target of 100 million. Our aim is to make steady progress step by step

: at present, Tangshi has more than 2000 physical stores. At the same time, the annual double 11 can also be in the forefront of the industry. How does your company balance online and offline

Zhou Enshen: in recent years, the domestic environment is not good, but we can rise against the trend, which is inseparable from our online operations. In terms of Omni channel layout, we use the omni channel marketing management software of digital cloud. It can be said that we are the first batch of seed users of digital cloud. Although online business accounts for only 25% - 30%, we have always been in the forefront of the industry in the activation and maintenance of old customers

take product positioning for example, our positioning is for teenagers. These users' purchasing power is not strong, but their desire to buy is very strong. Therefore, what we need to ensure is not their purchase quantity, but their browsing quantity. At the same time, we will pay more attention to points and joint marketing in the future double 11, and layout all channels

: with the continuous development of e-commerce, every business will adopt different marketing methods. What's your opinion on how many years can double 11 survive

Zhou Enshen: I think, take Tangshi for example, the marketing volume of the double 11 is on the rise every year, which explains the current operation status of e-commerce. At the same time, as far as I'm concerned, how many years can double 11 survive is not something I need to consider. What I am thinking about is how to operate the double 11 and how to have its own characteristics

5. Summary

in the field of casual wear, we attach great importance to the spokesperson model. This mode is similar to the popular red and live broadcasts this year, attracting consumers through spokesmen. Our spokesperson Huang Xiaoming is very influential in the eyes of consumers. The molding cycle can be shortened from a few hours to just a few minutes. At the same time, it is also consistent with our enterprise. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to this model

as a leading CRM service provider in China, digital cloud has become a leading provider of digital marketing software products and services in China within 10 minutes of operation under a certain leverage load. As the first batch of seed users of digital cloud, Tang Shi has received various Omni channel marketing solutions

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