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Preview of machine tool enterprise exhibits of 2018 China International Import Expo (II)

] the first China Import Expo (abbreviated as ciie within one year) will be grandly held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 5 to 10, 2018. The first ciie, as the world's first national Expo with import as its theme, will welcome more than 2800 enterprises from more than 130 countries and regions on five continents, and is expected to have more than 150000 visitors. As a professional networking media in the machine tool industry, China machine tool business is very interested in the products related to the machine tool industry that will be exhibited in the first ciie. Today, let's introduce the machine tool enterprises and their exhibits that deserve attention in this exhibition. This article undertakes

Mitutoyo Corporation

exhibition area: intelligent and high-end equipment

booth: 3C

since its establishment in 1934, Sanfeng company, as a world-renowned comprehensive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, adhering to the purpose of quality first, has provided high-quality, caliper and other products, as well as coordinate measuring machines, shape measuring instruments, image measuring instruments, optical measuring instruments and other series of products to the global market. With the rapid development of science and technology represented by nanotechnology, Sanfeng has put forward higher and more precise requirements for measurement technology. Sanfeng has continuously absorbed and applied advanced scientific achievements and assumed the role of a global enterprise in measurement technology, R & D technology, production technology and so on

high precision digital micrometer

country/region of origin: Japan

product introduction: responding to the demand of high-precision measurement, it is a digital micrometer that can be measured in the field of 0.1 m resolution. The original 0.1 m resolution ABS (absolute) rotation sensor *1 and high-precision thread processing technology of Sanfeng company reduce the instrument error to 0, so that the gauge distance of the extensometer is equal to the gauge distance required by the measured sample 5 m。 High rigid frame and high-performance constant force mechanism are adopted to make the measurement more stable. The thermal insulation device (standard accessories) can minimize the heat transfer of the fuselage and reduce the error caused by the thermal expansion of the frame when measuring by hand


exhibition area: intelligent and high-end equipment

booth: 3c

igus was founded in 1964, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and has branches in countries or regions around the world. Eagles (Shanghai) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of German eagles, responsible for all related businesses in China. Since its establishment, igus has been committed to the development and research of engineering plastic products. After more than 50 years of continuous efforts, igus is at the world leading level in the field of drag chains, high flexible cables and plastic bearings. Eagles has a high-level R & D team, a rich selection of more than 100000 products, and an excellent sales engineer service team. Choosing igus products will make your products more competitive. At the same time, if you have special requirements, igus engineers will also provide you with the best solution in the shortest time to meet your special needs

intelligent engineering plastic drag chain

country of origin/region: Germany

Product Introduction: engineering plastic drag chain for energy transmission, which can be early warning and preventive maintenance

lum Novotest

exhibition area: intelligent and high-end equipment

booth: 3C

Blum Novotest GmbH is a high-tech enterprise committed to cutting-edge measurement and testing technology. As a partner of machine tool, automotive and aviation industries around the world, With more than 50 years of industry experience. The measurement technology of the company is made in Germany to help customers in various industries improve productivity and product quality. Our measurement accessories have high performance, high precision and excellent reliability in the measurement process


country of origin/region: Germany

product introduction: lc50digilog lc50digilog laser measurement system can generate thousands of measurements per second, and each cutting edge can be measured separately. The measurement speed is faster and the accuracy is higher

Jingcheng holding Europe GmbH

exhibition area: intelligent and high-end equipment

booth: 3C

three companies, one goal - common values bind us together! We are a 100% subsidiary of Beijing First Machine Tool Co., Ltd., with more than 1000 employees in four production bases in Germany and Italy

Leonard 60

country of origin/region: Italy

Product Introduction: Leonard 60 produced by safop is a horizontal lathe, which is used for processing medium and large workpieces. It has the highest performance in terms of the rigidity of rough operation and the accuracy of finishing operation

Sandvik Coromant

exhibition area: intelligent and high-end equipment

booth: 3C

Sandvik croman was founded in 1942, is subordinate to Sandvik Group, the company is headquartered in Sandviken, Sweden, and has the world's largest manufacturer of hard alloy blades in Gimo, Sweden. Sandvik croman has more than 8000 employees worldwide, representative offices in more than 130 countries and regions, and distribution centers in the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore and China. Sandvik Keleman is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of metal cutting tools, with more than 30000 products covering various metal processing applications, such as turning, milling, hole machining, etc. Innovation has been integrated into our company's DNA. Our R & D investment is twice the average level in the industry. Every year, we will launch more than 2000 new products to the market in the form of coropak in the spring and autumn. Sandvik Keleman officially entered China in 1985. After more than 30 years of development, we have basically established a perfect marketing and service network across the country at a similar cost, and are providing high-quality products and services to local mechanical processing enterprises. We have technology centers in Langfang and Shanghai, and training centers in Guangzhou, Shenyang and Wuhan. We also have advanced standard and non-standard tool manufacturers in Langfang


country/region of origin: Sweden

Product Introduction: Sandvik Keleman is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of metal cutting tools, with more than 30000 products covering various metal processing applications such as turning, milling, hole processing

(the information of the exhibits in this article comes from machine tool magazine MT machine tool and China International Import Expo, which is collated)

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