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Now who gets married doesn't depend on whether you have a car or a house. Men are under too much pressure. They have squeezed themselves alive for many years, but finally they can only buy a small apartment. When the child is born and relatives come, there is no place to stay. Moreover, the design of many houses is not very reasonable, and many people find that the space is never enough after decoration. So how to make rational use of the space of your house and make it livable and stylish? The following decoration method makes a house of 80 square meters decorate a space of 100 square meters

first, concave wall: such concave and convex positions can be seen in many house types. How to use this wonderful space has become a design problem. Customizing the perfect combination of TV cabinets into the wall not only meets the functions of storage and display, but also makes the originally difficult to use wall more beautiful

space utilization ★★★★★★★★★★★

second, avoiding columns: an emotional home “ Column ” We must need a perfect bar to connect the columns to make the leisure Pavilion in the middle of the guest restaurant, maximize the use of space, cover the eye-catching defects at the same time, and skillfully turn the columns into bright spots. If more designs are added to the columns, it will be more perfect

space utilization ★★★★★★ comfort and beauty ★★★★




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