Congratulations on the opening of Sichuan Guangyua

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Congratulations on the opening of Sichuan Guangyuan exclusive store of top ten brands of fine wood craftsmen in China

on May 9, 2018, good news came again from the Chinese brand fine craftsman terminal, and the Sichuan Guangyuan fine craftsman health plate store opened as scheduled. Healthy board is the characteristic of the craftsman brand, which is famous for its green, environmental protection and ecology. The opening of the new boutique of Sichuan Guangyuan fine craftsman healthy board has added a brilliant color to the brand growth of fine craftsman healthy board

in this complex nature, we are pursuing and creating the most ideal living environment for human beings. However, home life should not only be beautiful in appearance, but also in interior. With healthy home decoration, we can ensure a healthy body and match the warmth of home

fine craftsman health board is subordinate to Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. It is a medium and high-end environmental protection board brand focusing on the original ecological concept. Industrial chain coverage: a complete industrial chain of home flooring, wood-based panels, wardrobes, wooden doors, home supporting hardware, smart lines, whole house customization and other categories, and the product sales network covers all parts of the country. Among them, board products include ecological board, blockboard, children's room ecological board, aldehyde antibacterial ecological board, decorative panel, finger board, gypsum board, CIS core board, etc. With its exquisite appearance, excellent quality and excellent environmental protection characteristics, it sells well in the national market. It has won many awards, such as China's top ten plate brands, China's top ten influential brands in the building materials industry, China's excellent green and environmental protection products, well-known building materials brands, online review of the top ten eco board brands, and China's national brands

for the craftsman of fine materials, from the fine selection of materials to the exquisite workmanship. From the rigor of testing to the attention to details. Every step of this process is in awe of the forest. With excellent quality, each piece of plate becomes a devout pilgrimage to nature. Fresh, healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable, this is the living space created by the craftsman of fine materials for you. High quality materials, art craftsman, ecological your home

refined wood craftsman health plate Sichuan Guangyuan exclusive store

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