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How to decorate the children's room? What kind of children's room design do children like? What kind of children's room design is suitable for children? Today, canoni home recommends several design cases of children's rooms for one child families, which I believe will be helpful to you

it is said that children are the hearts and minds of parents. If you want to keep children's smiles blooming, a good growth environment is indispensable. Today, canoni home recommends several design cases of children's rooms for one child families, which I believe will be helpful to you

no.1 floating window bed

families with floating windows can try to combine floating windows with beds, so that the space will be more compact and practical

the bed screen is designed as a bookcase combined with a desk, which meets the needs of children to learn to read. A small hanging cabinet is installed on the wall to store some books and place some decorations, which adds charm to the wall

no.2 tatami bed + wardrobe

under the condition of sufficient location, the combination of tatami and wardrobe can make better use of space. There is also a storage cabinet at the head of the bed, with dolls that children like placed on it, and the feeling of comfort will be there

when the wardrobe and the cabinet are put into the wall, the whole space is more regular. The cabinet is equipped with dressing glasses and hooks, and some jewelry hooks are hung here, which will be much more convenient when dressing up

is the floating window too small to be used? It's good to put together a floating window cabinet at the desk, which ensures that children have enough light for learning, and that this corner position can also be fully used

no.3 go to bed + desk cabinet

the position of getting out of bed can be not only a children's play space, but also a learning area. The combined desk cabinet makes use of the position of the corner and is more integrated

connected to the desk is a symmetrical storage cabinet, which can help store some sundries. The middle is an open lattice design, and the space is not crowded. The upper wall is also made into a small hanging cabinet, with green plants, cups, decorative paintings, and whatever you like

no.4 go to bed + play space

how to meet children's needs for study, rest and play in a small space at the same time? The answer is to get in and out of bed, go to bed and rest. Getting out of bed is the children's play area, and the vertical space is well used

after the curtain is pulled open, there is a surprise play space. The open storage compartment can accommodate many children's favorite toys. Here, you can stay for an afternoon

the diagonal desk design is convenient for children to adjust the direction when sitting, and it is more convenient for elders to accompany and learn. When encountering problems, they can consult their elders. (in addition, I'll tell you a little secret: you can also store things in the companion stool ~)

canoni whole house home customization

it's easy to move and be happy in the wardrobe

it's only customized for 18 backboards





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