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Many owners want to decorate their beautiful home more warmly and lovingly when decorating. For families with larger balcony space, they will put a hanging chair on the balcony or in the corner of the living room, so that we can sit on the hanging chair after returning home from work, so that we can relax. What is the installation method of the hanging chair? Today, Xiaobian will explain to you the installation method of the hanging chair and the relevant knowledge of the precautions for the installation of the hanging chair. Let's get to know it

instructions for the installation method of the hanging chair

1. When we receive the goods, we should first compare the instructions to see whether the materials of various accessories are complete and whether there is a lack of accessories. If necessary, we should timely report to the store to supplement the accessories before installation, so as to avoid inconvenience to the installation. Some businesses pack tension springs and put them in the bottom frame tube of the hanging chair. These should be carefully checked

2. After that, we need to classify all kinds of parts, so that we can take the materials during installation. First, loosen the screws and nuts on the hanging chair underframe

3. Next, we need to take out the tension spring hanging on the screw. This step should be more careful to avoid hurting our hands

4. After that, we need to put the bracket into the underframe pipe, align the bracket with the orifice, and then insert the screws

5. After that, we need to tighten the screws and nuts with force. If necessary, we need to use professional tools to tighten them, so as to ensure safety during use

6. Then we have to put the hook into the hole on the top of the bracket

7. Although its main body has been installed at this time, we must not forget to hang the tension spring

8. Finally, we need to connect the chain with the tension spring, and then put the basket on, so that the whole installation is completed

precautions for the installation of the hanging chair

1. From the perspective of safety, we'd better install it on the steel-concrete structure layer, so that the bearing capacity can be guaranteed to a certain extent. If we install it on the wooden roof, we need to consider whether the wooden beam can bear the weight of about 400 Jin. At this time, because the shaking will lead to the rise of gravity during use, the installation part must be strong

2. If there is no such load-bearing structure in our home, we can make a steel structure beam on the balcony or other places that need to be used, and then paint the beam in a harmonious and unified color with the room. For the wall, we can drill holes with steel plates and fix it with expansion bolts, so that we can also install hanging chairs

Xiaobian's words: it can make us relax and relax, let us enjoy ourselves in our leisure time, recall the good times in the past, and look forward to the future. At the same time, it can calm our restless heart and have a quiet and comfortable life in the busy secular world. Therefore, installing a hanging chair at home is also a good choice! The above is the relevant knowledge about the installation method of the hanging chair and the precautions for the installation of the hanging chair that Xiaobian explained to you. I hope I can give it to you





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