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Decoration experience (very applicable small details)

I. inspection:

1. No matter how good the brand is, even if it is world-class, you must carefully inspect the goods when you deliver them home. Most of the time, the delivery people will chirp around and ask you to hurry up. Ignore him and insist on your right to inspect the goods. And be careful. I just bought a lot of brand goods and failed to verify my identity for various reasons. Unfortunately, there are indeed many problems

2. Carpenters should first snap the horizontal line of the house before entering the site

2. Laying wires:

1. It is better to have more switches and sockets than to put them behind the door (in unexpected places such as aisles, restaurants, near stoves, balconies, etc., you must also install some sockets, and then you will find benefits)

2. The cassette and switch board must be well equipped. Considering the convenience of bedroom, aisle, living room and other places, it is recommended to use double control

3. The position of the socket must be measured well, and it should not be blocked by cabinets, cabinets and other furniture

4. For the sake of safety, it is best to install a socket at the upper end next to the kitchen door so that the gas alarm can be released in the future. This must not be saved

5. Small spotlights must be equipped with transformers. Don't let workers be lazy. Without transformers, those lights are like small bombs that will explode at any time. The final result is never to turn on (changing lights is useless)

6. Don't face the bed with the air conditioner in the bedroom! (blowing at people in summer is easy to get sick)

after the concealed works are completed, I must ask the workers to draw the pipeline diagram immediately. I asked the workers to make a hole in the wall when the decoration is almost over. Because the hole is close to the socket, the worker said he didn't dare to make it, for fear of interrupting the wire. I wonder: didn't you make the wire? Where is the pipeline? I'm not sure. How can you draw the pipeline diagram? He actually replied to me, "this thing, Mao estimated that painting is OK!" What a fool to listen to me

7. The wire trough should be horizontal and vertical. After the wire pipe and water pipe are arranged, the direction must be drawn on the paper, otherwise when something is installed in the future, it will not hit the wall.

8. The wire should be pulled so that it can move. Otherwise, it is difficult to repair in the future. The cross-sectional area of the wire in the PVC wire pipe should not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of the wire pipe; Strong current and weak current cannot be put in the same pipe,

after the slotting and embedding of water and electricity workers, before sealing the wall, we must take a camera to take a picture of each wall, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Because after the decoration, many things to be installed on the wall (such as cabinets, ceiling cabinets, range hoods, small pendants, etc.) need to be punched on the wall or on the ground. At this time, show the photos to the workers to ensure that there will be no tragic experience of breaking and exploding water pipes

9. The left zero and right phases are grounded, the power socket is 300 away from the ground, and the switch is 1.4 meters

10. The 16A socket for high-power electrical appliances

11. The cassette should be used well, and the cassette must be matched with the panel, otherwise it may not be installed.

III. waterproof

12. Before removing the baffle of the flue, consider whether to sacrifice the exhaust air volume of the discharge or choose the rice fragrance of the neighbor (do not remove)

13. The public flue should be equipped with a check valve

14 Don't wrap the windowsill with wooden window covers. It will be over in two years. My family is now cleaning the windows, stepping on a pit, all crisp

15. The waterproof works should be done after the construction of concealed works is completed and accepted. After the waterproof construction is completed, two water storage tests should be done

16. The floor drain, internal and external corners, pipelines and other places should be waterproof more than once

17. The floor drain should use odor proof floor drain

18. The air conditioning hole should be considered to tilt outward, otherwise the rain will come in

19. The bathroom is best to install splash proof socket

IV. wall and ceiling

20 Also, before decoration, it's best to ask workers to knock the walls and floors of the house to see if there are holes, especially cracks. It's best to fill them, and I'll suffer from this

21. Pay attention to whether the ceiling is horizontal when making the ceiling. The worker will say that it's not too bad. He'll fill it with putty in the future. Don't listen to him. He's farting. Let him redo it immediately. The putty will pop down 2cm. The worker will also say that your wall top is uneven. I tell him that my wall top is uneven. You can level it for me, otherwise you need to decorate it.

22. Cement can't be used after three months of delivery. Cement of different varieties and grades can't be mixed.

23 The wall and floor tiles should be soaked in water for more than two hours and can only be pasted after drying in the shade. It is better to buy more pieces of wall and floor tiles than less, otherwise it is easy to have color difference

24. There should be no two rows of non whole tiles on one wall, and the tiles should be cleaned immediately after the joint is wiped

25. The gypsum board should be fixed with countersunk self tapping screws, 1~2mm into the board surface, and should be treated for rust prevention, not with gun nails; The distance between gypsum board nails shall not be greater than 200

26. The gypsum board should have a 3mm joint with the wall for crack prevention treatment, and the external corner of the gypsum board should be protected by external corner strips

27. It is better to put cool cloth on the places with cracks on the wall

28. When pasting wallpaper, you should brush clear oil on the wall. When pasting wallpaper, you should remove the panel of switch and socket

v. water

29. The faucet of mop pool should be set according to the height of mop pool, which is too high, and the water always splashes out

30. The basin in the bathroom is more cost-effective and beautiful than what you make yourself. (my light marble countertop cost more than 500 meters, which is not cost-effective)

31. Do not install the faucet on the side of the door pocket, otherwise the water vapor will make the door pocket damp

32. The hot and cold water pipe is hot on the left and cold on the right. The cold water pipe should have a 1cm protective layer in the wall, and the hot water pipe is 1.5cm, so the groove should be deep

33. Try not to walk the water pipe from the ground

VI. the ground

34. The color of the floor tiles is too light, and the hair and footprints are obvious. I wish I were barefoot + shaved head

35. Before laying the floor, you should consider installing air conditioners and curtain rods

36. The ground color of the toilet and kitchen should be darker as much as possible, not white, otherwise you will want to shave your head.

37. The floor tiles on the balcony should be specially paved on the outside, otherwise it is easy to get dirty

38. The expansion joints around the composite floor should be larger and the length > For 8m, leave a seam of more than 1cm. Of course, you can't use a composite skirting line. If it can't cover the seam,

39. Put insect proof powder on the floor.

40. The floor tiles should be inclined to the floor drain, otherwise it is easy to accumulate water; Balcony floor tiles should pay attention to the drainage direction

41. It is best to use dried Larch for the floor keel.

42. When the wall tile touches the pipe opening, it should adopt the form of casing cutting, so it looks like a whole brick

43. 8~10mm joints should be left between the floor and the wall

44. Tempered glass is further processed and manufactured on the basis of float glass or flat glass. Strong bearing capacity, capable of withstanding a temperature difference of 300 degrees (about 90 degrees of float glass)

characteristics: the internal stress of internal molecules is strengthened, and it can withstand the impact of several times the force of ordinary glass. It will not produce edges and corners after breaking, and it is granular. So it is also called safety glass (such as car glass). The temperature that tempered glass can withstand has no absolute relationship with the thickness of tempered glass, which is not the thicker the better. Thickness and tempering are only related to glass. The temperature that glass can withstand cannot be generalized. If it is heated slowly and evenly, it will not crack until it melts. However, if heated unevenly, a very low temperature can also cause it to crack, because glass is a poor conductor of heat. Identification method: smash it with professional instruments in granular form, and it sounds heavy when knocked. Generally, 12mm bears 150 kg/m2, while 15mm bears 250 kg/m2

VII. Bathroom

45. It's best to have a cabinet in the bathroom, where you can put some toilet supplies. My home is an open shelf, which is very dusty. It's best to design a convenient small bookshelf. You can read books when crouching in the pit

46. It's the towel rack with towels, which has double poles and single poles. When you buy it, you may think that the double poles are beautiful, and you can hang two more towels, but that's not the case when you actually use it, Towels for different purposes cannot be hung together, that is to say, two towels are hung on one towel rack, and the additional rod is not needed. It is still a practical rod. The siphon pipe runs high, long and thin, because the smaller the pipe diameter, the more obvious the siphon effect and the greater the pumping power. But inevitably, the demand for water is large. People who install siphon toilets at home will find that when flushing, they must first drain to a high water surface, and then the dirt can go down with the water. Its design structure determines that it must have a certain amount of water. To reach the level of flushing, at least 8 liters or 9 liters of water should be used once. If the flushing water is forcibly reduced to 3/6 liters, it will be found that the flushing rate is not enough. Now some consumers in the market reflect that the 3/6L toilet can't be flushed cleanly, which is why

47. Cement should not be used for toilet installation, but silica gel should be used

48. The size of the mirror in the bathroom should be considered first, otherwise the front lamp of the mirror is easy to be installed high

49. Hinges and hardware must be used well. Yuba should be installed on the wooden keel, not directly on the ceiling

VIII. Cabinets, doors

50, storage cabinets, shoe cabinets and door panels must be customized by the manufacturer. Do not make them on-site by carpenters, which are easy to deform

51. There must be many TX household large closets with sliding doors! I like IKEA's clapboard, pants rack and drawer very much. The workers made wooden frames and separated them according to IKEA's size. When they bought things, they installed them one by one happily. It looked good, but the dream was broken after installing the sliding door! It seems that the sliding door is equally divided. Because my cabinet is from wall to wall, there is always a partition size that is different from others (unless you are so lucky and the width of the room is just right). As a result, a pants rack cannot be pulled out after installing the sliding door! So it's best to find a professional manufacturer of wall type wardrobe to make this kind of thing. There are many kinds of pants racks, and there won't be embarrassment like me

52. The front and back sides of the cabinet door should be decorated with panels, so that the forces on both sides are uniform and will not deform in the future. Don't let the decorator be lazy in this aspect, otherwise the cabinet door will not close in the future. In addition, the cabinet door should not be too long to prevent deformation. In addition, if you want the door not to deform, you must also saw the front and back sides of the big core board of the cabinet door at intervals in the horizontal and longitudinal directions. The depth is half the thickness of the big core board. Both sides should be sawn, and the positions of the front and back saws should be staggered

53. A socket can be left beside the shoe cabinet to insert the shoe dryer. The laminate of the shoe cabinet is inclined inward, and the side of the laminate close to the inside should not be the head, so that the ash of the shoes will fall to the bottom layer, which is convenient for cleaning

54. Do less and buy more (that is, furniture and other things, you can buy it as soon as you can, and the workers' fight is certainly not as good as the factory assembly line)

55. Do not make a dark track for the sliding door you make, and you can't repair it in the future

IX. plug and socket

56. Buy broadband cable socket

57. DD, such as air conditioner and DVD player, is in standby mode without unplugging the plug. It is best to install a socket panel with a switch, because the power consumed in standby cannot be read out in ordinary ammeter, but the time-sharing ammeter will read it out

X. paint:

58. Matte paint is more beautiful than highlights. Don't listen to painters. If paint





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