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Smart transformation of small household appliances may take the lead in breakthrough

with the acceleration of cross-border integration of the household appliance industry with information technologies such as Internet, big data and cloud computing, as well as the promotion of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, smart, healthy and energy-saving household appliances are increasingly favored by the market. New trend of intelligent transformation into home appliances

with the acceleration of cross-border integration of the home appliance industry with information technologies such as Internet, big data and cloud computing, as well as the promotion of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, smart, healthy and energy-saving home appliances are increasingly favored by the market. China's home appliance market is expected to set off a wave of industrial transformation and upgrading, and networking, personalization and diversification will boost the rapid development of smart home appliances and smart home industries

according to the data forecast of Aowei consulting, by 2020, with the completion of major smart home system platforms and big data service platforms, the improvement of downstream equipment manufacturers, smart home products will be increasingly accepted by the consumer market, and the overall output value of smart appliances will exceed 1trillion yuan

the driving mechanism of the home appliance lead screw consists of driving Electromechanical, sprocket and chain. The industry's large-scale intelligent strategy began in 2013. In just oneortwo years, the intelligent concept embedded with interconnection and automation functions has become the hottest word and the most popular term in the household appliance industry. Whether it is black electricity, white electricity or small household appliances, they have all presented the banner of intelligence

however, it goes without saying that in the past oneortwo years, the intelligent road of home appliances has not led the home appliance industry to a broad road. The industry data in 2015 shows that the home appliance industry is experiencing an unprecedented early winter. No matter washing machines, color TV sets, air conditioners and refrigerators, they all suffered a cold winter, and their sales volume and income decreased slightly year-on-year. With the surging trend of intelligence, why is the performance average? Although the major household electrical appliance enterprises have launched various intelligent products with different concepts, most of these products are still focused on the construction of smart items and smart home platforms. So far, few are really accepted and used by consumers. This is particularly evident in large household appliances. For example, most of the so-called smart refrigerators are equipped with an app on the refrigerator, which has changed into a smart identity. In fact, it may increase the difficulty of users' operation and be flashy

according to the analysis of experts, the current popularization degree of intelligent household appliances in China needs to be tested and strengthened, and small, light and cheap household appliances will become the standard bearer and the key to the popularization of intelligent breakthrough in China's household appliance industry

small household appliances become the pioneer of intelligent breakthrough

from the perspective of consumers, due to the long service cycle and high overall replacement cost, it is very difficult for users to re purchase new products for intelligent functions. Large commodities such as intelligent refrigerators, intelligent washing machines and intelligent air conditioners, although the concept of gap between various devices has long been created due to intelligence, have not become popular, And the price is much higher than that of the previous year, which makes people look forward to and shy away from it

small household appliances such as soymilk machines, rice cookers and water purifiers, such as Jiuyang, Supor, Tianji and elstar, give users a relatively low intelligent way. The product price is generally low, the overall renewal cost is low, and the renewal cycle is short. If the intelligence is enough to attract people with great business potential, it will be much less difficult for users to replace existing products. In particular, emerging products such as water purifiers and air purifiers, which are still in the outbreak period, such as intelligent selling points, can be attractive, which is very conducive to promotion

as for the judgment of the future trend of intelligent household appliances, the general consensus in the industry is that small household appliances must be the first to complete the intelligent transformation and promote the rapid development of intelligence. In recent years, with the intensification of competition in the home appliance market, small home appliance enterprises are making efforts in the direction of low carbon, energy saving, intelligence and health. The rational and personalized post-80s and post-90s will become the main force of consumption in the future small household appliance market. They have more personalized and fashionable consumption needs, and also have more socialized communication methods. At the same time, in the Internet + era, small household appliances need to use more creative activities to attract consumers, so that the brand image can be recognized. For example, the use of methane gas or chemical vapor deposition of another carbon source, both of which promote the popularization of intelligent applications of small household appliances

today, with the growing tide of intelligent household appliances, small household appliances are striving for the road of intelligence. Many well-known brands such as Midea, Jiuyang and SUPOR have realized simple and intelligent operations such as remote operation and app management, attracting many young consumers

outstanding performance of listed companies

small household appliances will become the investment theme of the industry in the next stage. In the next five years, the annual growth rate of smart small household appliances will remain at about 12%. By 2020, the market scale of small household appliances is expected to reach 460billion yuan. Globally, the ratio of sales of small household appliances in Japan to sales of household appliances reached 0.86, that of South Korea reached 0.5, and that of China was only 0.27. Therefore, as small household appliances enter the big cycle of consumption upgrading, compared with large household appliances, China's small household appliance industry has huge growth space in the future. Small household appliances represented by intelligence are expected to accelerate their popularization in China

since last year, the terminal demand has been sluggish, which has put great pressure on the income and profits of the air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine and other industries. It is expected that the demand for electricity in the first half of this year will still be negative or slightly increased, but the small household appliances and kitchen appliances industry will maintain good growth, mainly due to the stabilization of sales in the soybean milk machine industry, the continuous upgrading of Chinese small household appliances such as rice cookers, and the continuous growth of western small household appliances such as ovens, As well as leading companies sinking into second and third tier cities and accelerating the promotion of small household appliances

in the first half of the year, the share prices of small household electrical appliance enterprises in the domestic stock market had a strong trend, far better than the market, large household electrical appliances and most industry sectors, such as SUPOR, Little Swan a, vatti, boss electrical appliances, etc., which had reached a record high. This reflects that, driven by intelligence, the prospect of small household appliances is very promising

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