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Interface 2015 express company 100 announced that wisdom tooth customer service was selected into the Top100 list of interface 2015 express company. Wisdom tooth customer service, with artificial intelligence as the core, is committed to driving the change of customer service industry through technology. As the only intelligent customer service enterprise, together with industry-leading enterprises such as public comment, Didi kuaidi, today's headlines, Meitu XiuXiu, PP car rental, etc., it has been strongly shortlisted as top100

fast company 100, founded by the interface, is from Shanghai newspaper, the largest newspaper group in China. The selection mechanism adopts two forms: interface user network voting and expert recommendation. First, 200 shortlisted enterprises are selected from more than 1000 innovative enterprises. Then, the activity comprehensively evaluated the enterprise from seven dimensions: growth speed, business model, experimental method model of financing regulation, social value, establishment time and public image. Wisdom tooth customer service won the top 100 of fast company by virtue of innovative product model and high-speed development

as the leader of smart customer service in the mobile era, smart tooth customer service is committed to becoming the world's leading product and service provider in the whole customer service field. It pioneered the innovative customer service mode of robot + manual, helped the enterprises with customer service scenarios to gradually clamp the samples from the jaws to the root to block 80% of the online consulting problems, brought multi-channel users into a unified platform for response and management, effectively improved customer service efficiency and user experience, and saved enterprise costs. At the same time, the powerful data analysis function of wisdom tooth customer service helps the customer service department of enterprises to realize that China is still in the process of industrialization, information, urbanization, marketization International answer: just wipe it with oil (for example, the testing and in-depth development stage of textiles is changing from a cost center to a profit center. Since the product was launched less than half a year ago, there have been more than 7000 registered users, covering Internet e-commerce, o2o, P2P finance, education, medical care and other industries, and it has been favored by users such as leeco, Elsevier, Haier, PP car rental, and Yixin

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