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Huawei esdk interacts with developers to stimulate innovation and win-win cooperation

Huawei exhibited the esdk (ecosystem software development kit) capability open platform at CeBIT, the world's largest ICT technology exhibition. Esdk is based on Huawei's vision of providing a one-stop ICT infrastructure to build a world-wide connection. By providing flexible and easy-to-use development tools and convenient development support services, esdk helps developers inspire inspiration, focus on solution innovation, simplify the implementation process, and jointly create solutions that effectively meet the needs of industrial customers

in the face of the characteristic needs of many industry customers and the rich capabilities of Huawei's ICT infrastructure, developers can use esdk as the average load force of fatigue experiments to generate a unified capability open platform. Instead of paying attention to specific technical details, they can use their own advantages in understanding the business needs of customers in various industries, focus on the combination and call of open capabilities, focus on leading solutions, and create market opportunities. At the exhibition, through vivid video and flash introduction, exhibitors and customers from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia fully exchanged the flexibility and stability of esdk

on site, through remote connection to esdk laboratory in Suzhou, the exhibition actually demonstrated a variety of applications of esdk to participating customers. The laboratory has deployed a full set of equipment environment, which can support developers to access anytime, anywhere, and enable developers to start projects with zero capital investment. Through the remote connected esdk IDE, developers can experience the simple development process of one click download, service connection, project creation, configuration, debugging, etc

During the exhibition, Tang Jiuzhou, head of the development department, gave a public speech entitled "paying the way for innovation", which showed esdk's interactive support to developers: relying on Huawei's trusted ICT infrastructure, build a capability combination platform for different products, help developers inspire and evolve into practical solution innovation, And provide perfect incentive policies to jointly explore the market

Huawei esdk is committed to jointly developing innovative solutions with developers based on their in-depth understanding of customers. On the booth, esdk and the public were full of ambition, but they increased the indoor occupancy rate by 5% to 8%; Partners jointly launch logo wall; In the future, Huawei expects to be known and familiar to more partners and achieve long-term cooperation and win-win results

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