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Interest games drag down the standard process HTML5 sings the good voice of China

html5 has good user experience, rich multimedia content, excellent cross platform and cross terminal features, and is regarded as the most influential innovation force in the Internet field. A series of recent events have made HTML5 the focus of the industry

first, the whatwg (WEB Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) and the W3C (world wide alliance) parted ways on the HTML5 standard. Then Facebook Mobile Applications announced to abandon the HTML5 part and develop in a pure native way. Then it was rumored that apple Appstore rejected apps based on Web technology. These events have aroused the industry's bad mouthing of HTML5 like a blockbuster

during the previous W3C China sixth anniversary celebration and HTML5 technologist's day, xiezibin, chairman of the W3C HTML5 Chinese group, said that the continuous birth of various web applications conforming to the HTML5 specification proved that HTML5 was gradually maturing

so where is HTML5 going? Is it too late to miss the best development period or is it already on the eve of the outbreak

interest game

the industry believes that the split between whatwg and W3C is more about the interest game between the enterprises behind the two organizations. Behind the whatwg are the IT upstart apple and Google, while the W3C is surrounded by the traditional tycoon Microsoft

in fact, more than 90% of the HTML5 standard agreements have basically reached a consensus, except for the most critical part of the video format, the fierce contradiction between Google and apple. Google supports WebM format, while Apple chose MPEG, a video format owned by commercial organizations, which is obviously contrary to the concept of HTML5 open source sharing

former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is a strong supporter of HTML5. Jobs once asserted that although native app gives users a better experience at this stage, the web is the future

Apple's inconsistent treatment of HTML5 is entirely due to its interests. Some research institutions predict that the rise of HTML5 will cause Apple's operating profit to suffer 30% loss in 2015, and the closed ecosystem created by Apple may also be broken

who can be the first to eat crabs

the implementation of a new technology, in addition to strong promotion, is more important in practice. Different from the complicated interest game abroad, there are many HTML5 practitioners in China

with regard to the breakup between whatwg and W3C, HTML5 practitioners in China expressed optimism that relevant government departments should give sufficient voice to domestic testing instruments

liutiefeng, CTO of Dolphin Browser, said in an interview with the communication industry daily that although whatwg and W3C had started cooperation in 2004, in fact, whatwg and W3C have been developing independently. Whatwg aims to build HTML5 as a development platform, while W3C aims to develop a standard that will remain unchanged for ten thousand years. The break-up between them will not have a big impact

Ma Huateng, CEO of Tencent, said publicly that the open platform fully supports all kinds of creative applications and win-win results, and expects to support HTML5 applications and enterprise applications

At the recent Baidu World Conference, baidu released a new version of the browser. This makes China's lithium battery industry always large but not strong. The browser has reached 482 points in HTML5, indicating that Baidu browser's HTML5 operation efficiency is in the leading position in the market

in January, 2012, UC Youshi, the largest browser company in China, was officially invited to join the W3C, becoming the first Chinese mobile Internet enterprise invited to join the international organization, and promoting the implementation of new technical standards represented by HTML5 in China

last September, UC Youshi launched the first web app development platform UC application center in China. As of August 20 this year, Liangjie, President of UC Youshi technology, said that the number of applications added by UC Application Center exceeded 90million, approaching 100million, the number of monthly active users exceeded 30million, and more than 400 HTML5 applications were included

unlike UC Youshi, Dolphin Browser was the first to return to the domestic market after its success in the European and American markets. Dolphin Browser has been internationally recognized as a demonstration case of making the pendulum swing back and forth. Its newly released browser lab version has completed the ringmark test under Facebook, becoming the only browser in the world that has completed the second ring (R1) test

we hope to create a better platform for developers through continuous technological innovation. Yangyongzhi, CEO of Dolphin Browser, said that we should really do something more basic and practical to promote the popularization of HTML5 standard

recently, Dolphin Browser has received strategic investment from Qualcomm. Shen Jin, President of Qualcomm China investment, said that the reason for investing in Dolphin Browser was the excellent performance of Dolphin Browser in the U.S. market and the continuous progress of its support for HTML5. In the browser market, which is very competitive, relying on HTML5 technology, dolphin has the ability to overtake companies with a large share of the market by turning corners

the upper end is scattered content, and the lower end is scattered users. The browser is like the neck of an hourglass. Houziqiang, a researcher at the Institute of acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the emergence of HTML5 will help browsers become an important portal for mobile Internet

in the field of mobile Internet, the unknown is far greater than the known. This field has a high risk, but it also has a high return. It remains to be seen who will be the first to eat crabs in enterprises actively engaged in HTML5 practice

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