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Intelligent weighing and mixing

the weighing and mixing system is used in both blow molding and injection molding processes. It can be said that the weighing and mixing equipment is an indispensable equipment in the process of plastic bulk material processing

the plastic processing industry often requires the precise addition of each component, because a small error will lead to the decline of product quality or waste products. Moreover, many plastic raw materials are expensive. If they are not well controlled, the product cost will rise and the competitiveness will decline

there are many ways to achieve accurate weighing. After decades of development, the weighing mixer system has become an intelligent machine with process control capability. Gxb 4 series multi task controller developed by Canadian mold-tek industry company is at the forefront of mixer control technology

the method adopted by Canada mold company is limited by time, and the weighing accuracy can reach one thousandth. The characteristic of this method is that during each weighing, the controller of the machine will record the weighing deviation value, and automatically adjust the dosage during the next weighing

gxb series weighing mixer has gxb 4 series luminous touch screen multi task controller with powerful functions. It adopts today's advanced technology to meet the production requirements of high efficiency and high quality for carbon fiber composites that are coming from behind. The control system is based on menu drive. The operator can easily complete a series of operations such as setting existing parameters and new parameters through the touch screen. All parameter modification/new parameter input/preview can be carried out under the operation state of the weighing mixer without intermittent production

gxb 4 series multi task oil needle knob controller has many functions as its standard configuration to ensure the final mixing effect and high metering accuracy. It avoids the extra cost caused by the consumption control of returned materials

gxb 4 series multi task controller can be used together with t-com2 software system to realize continuous, comprehensive and accurate monitoring and management of each weighing mixer in the whole system

recipe customization

gxb 4 series multi task controller is adopted to make the work of recipe customization simple. All required data such as hopper, raw material identification and percentage can be easily input in the formulation mode. The raw material identification library can correctly identify the raw materials of each component. When used, the consumption of all raw materials can be accurately recorded in printed or stored reports. The controller has the storage capacity of 100 recipes

provide various production record reports

the operation cycle and batch report of each weighing mixer are provided with date, time and model to ensure effectiveness. The batch report is very useful as a basis for operators to quickly check the equipment operation accuracy and the consumption of each batch of raw materials. All report data are continuously scanned and collected and stored in a report data file, which can be used to print various reports as required

when using t-com2 software, the operator can output various reports to local printers, spreadsheet software, files, printers and e-mail

advanced security

multiple security levels are selected for formulation customization and equipment operation entry of the system, and three-level password protection is preset for manufacturers, managers and operators. All users can only use within their permissions

control is extended to monitoring by central PC

t-com2 software system developed especially for gxb 4 series controller can be used for central monitoring of weighing and mixing unit, and can realize two-way communication between central PC and multi task touch screen controller of weighing and mixing unit

t-com2 software continuously monitors the operation of each weighing mixer. Select a gxb through the mouse to avoid many problems caused by thickness increase. The weighing mixer can display all information on the screen in real time, such as: operation status, identification number, alarm status, pounds/hour, completed batch, formula and the actual weight of each component currently processed. Operators familiar with gxb4 series controllers will find that the interface of t-com2 software is not unfamiliar

main advantages

moder gxb 4 series weighing mixer has powerful functions and leading control. Its main advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Controller: the touch-screen multitask controller of gxb 4 series allows the operator to easily read the current or historical records at any time, the operating instructions, input new instructions to the running machine without stopping the machine to change parameters, and can also be connected to the printer, Read the recipe and all usage data. The feedback of the weighing mixer to all the above requirements can be completed in a short time

2. Clamping valve: compared with the gate valve, the clamping valve designed by moder has higher weighing accuracy. Moder weighing mixer can realize real-time weighing, and the weighing accuracy of each batch is 0.1%, rather than the average weighing accuracy of multiple batches is 0.1%

3. The clamping valve is also used for the weighing of auxiliary materials: in the past, moder also used the clamping valve for the weighing of main materials to ensure the accuracy, while the weighing of auxiliary materials is measured by screw, and its accuracy cannot meet the weighing standard of main materials. However, the improved gxb 4 series now adopts clamping valves for the weighing of main materials and auxiliary materials, so that not only all raw materials can be accurately weighed, but also the feeding and storage positions of main materials and auxiliary materials can be mutually changed, so that users have greater flexibility in operation

4. Moder has a group of well-trained technical service personnel, who can provide corresponding training for users and provide services according to users' special requirements

5. Saturn is a very successful example among the users of moder. Because they use moder's weighing mixer, they have saved the consumption of color masterbatch to a great extent and won a three-month payback period

6. Moder's weighing and mixing machine is very solid in design and can still operate well in harsh environments

main features

· menu driven format - all parameter settings are very fast and convenient

· percentage setting - each component is accurately set by percentage

· selection of weight unit lbs or kgs - the operator can easily select different units

· continuously display all conditions - recipe, processing rate and batch

· randomly select the adding order of components - the components can be randomly selected

· 100 recipes are stored locally - each recipe can be revised 5 times, but it is unlimited under the t-com2 software system

· prefabrication batch counting - when the counting is reached, the weighing mixer will automatically turn off

at present, there is another kind of electronic universal testing machine in the market, which adopts common 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electromechanical mixing - continuous or timed

· communication interface - RS232 is the local printing interface and RS485 is the central communication interface

this product will appear at the 18th International Rubber and plastic exhibition held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 29 to July 2. The booth number is 2h71. (end)

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