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On March 9, the author learned from CSR Sifang that on March 8, local time in Argentina, the company sent a technical service team composed of more than 30 technicians, Technical services began in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. This is the first overseas technology export project of China's intercity multiple units, and also marks the upgrading of CSR Sifang from exporting products to Argentina to exporting technology

in January and may 2013, CSR Sifang signed two supply contracts for Intercity multiple units with the Argentine government to replace the old vehicles on the capital rail line of Argentina. The total contract amount of 709 vehicles is nearly US $1billion, which is the largest export order for Intercity multiple units in China so far. Since July last year, the first batch of 409 (55) new multiple units have been put into operation on the capital's Sacramento line and Mette line. Chinese made trains with advanced technology and complete facilities pass between the core area of the capital and the surrounding satellite cities, serving millions of Argentines. They are known as the mobile "China business card". The survey results of passenger satisfaction provided by the Argentine side reached 97%

in order to help the Algerian personnel realize the combination of online and offline, the connection between steel production and steel use, and independently master the operation and maintenance technology of new multiple units, CSR Sifang signed a technical training and technical support agreement with the Argentine railway operation company in October last year, with a duration of one year and a value of 150million yuan

nishengyi, deputy general manager of CSR Sifang Co., Ltd. in charge of overseas market, introduced that according to the agreement, the technical service team will provide technical training for Algerian personnel on the technical principles, fault handling and maintenance of EMUs. At the same time, they also set up technical support centers at the depot of samanto line and mett line to provide technical guidance and support for emergency troubleshooting on site. After one-year technical output service, Algerian personnel will be able to independently operate and maintain EMUs

it is reported that the second batch of 300 inter city multiple units of Roca line exported by CSR Sifang to Argentina is also expected to be delivered to Argentina in July this year

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