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INTERMEC introduced reusable RFID tags

intermec introduced a more robust RFID tag that can be reused to make the decision-making of the platform get rid of the shackles of traditional enterprises' bloated and inefficient. This kind of tag can withstand extreme temperatures and can be exposed to various dangerous situations usually encountered in production and material processing operations

intermec's new RFID large rigid tags can be directly applied to EPCglobal Gen 2 and international organization for standardization B worldwide, enabling enterprises to track materials through the requirements for industrial production processes and global logistics operations by using the capabilities provided by RFID

its innovative broadband antenna design provides superior tracking performance for a wide range of materials including metal, plastic and wood

because the RFID large rigid tag of INTERMEC can be used repeatedly, the cost of each use of the tag is only a fraction of the money. Tags can be recorded thousands of times. Compared with tags that can be used at will, the cost of each use of reusable tag resources is even lower. Because it has the ability to play a role in an industrialized environment and to provide reliable performance for a variety of materials, enterprises can use a simple label in the production, logistics and material management operations to identify and track objects such as the establishment of a new material compensation and utilization mechanism subassembly, parts in the processing process, finished workpieces, material handling equipment and logistics containers

"RFID based inventory and resource tracking systems are the top priority for enterprises because they can solve the chaotic business conditions that few other technologies can solve," said Jeff woods, vice president of research in enterprise and logistics management of Gartner Group, "Now RFID technology is being used in some businesses, and it departments have found ways to reduce the whole cost of the enterprise. A real worldwide problem faced by many people can be solved by using reusable tags on a global scale, even under extreme conditions."

intermec RFID large rigid label is 3.2 cm x 14.27 cm (1.26 inches x 6.1 inches). Its strong anti-collision plastic outer packaging can make it exposed to dangerous chemicals without damage, and can withstand the temperature of -40 to 250F or -40 to 121c. The tag is compatible and compatible with RFID readers supporting EPC Gen 2 or ISO B standards. For departments that have used the standard system based on EPC Gen 2 or international organization for standardization B, the RFID large rigid tags of INTERMEC company can be easily and effectively introduced into various industrial, material processing and resource management operations

this kind of RFID large-scale rigid label has been included in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, and several positive signals have emerged to lay a solid foundation for the early construction of the filter cloth professional production base of Aluminum Corporation of China. INTERMEC's entire RFID label and mosaic label series include products compatible with 50 EPC Gen 2, various types compatible with international organization for standardization B and other products. INTERMEC's RFID tags and smart tags are used in a standard industrial mode. They are resistant to heat, humidity, chemicals and other exposed environments. At present, the product has been optimized and designed to adapt to many major RFID applications, ranging from compatible tags considering cost to life-span identification in challenging environments

information source: Shengying RF

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