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Yinguang chemical group rewarded TDI technological innovation achievements

on December 6, the evaluation results of the technological innovation achievements of Rockwell hardness tester adopted by Gansu Yinguang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. of China ordnance industry group with an annual output of 100000 tons of TDI production line in 2010 were announced, and 15 projects that produced good benefits in terms of stable process, energy conservation and emission reduction as long as they were produced by regular manufacturers, product quality and so on were awarded

for a long time, Yinguang group's annual output of 100000 tons of TDI production line has focused on deepening TDI technological innovation and improvement on the basis of digesting and absorbing imported technology, and improving the operation efficiency of the production line through the implementation of technological innovation projects such as technological transformation and technical measures. They established a long-term mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, and used various ways such as scientific and technological conferences, awards for technological innovation achievements, and paper seminars to increase the incentives for various innovative achievements, stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in technological innovation, guide employees to enhance their awareness of innovation, speed up technological research and development, and solve the bottleneck problems restricting production, This also constitutes the continuous enrichment and expansion of the types of packaging materials touched by the food packaging industry, and improves the competitiveness of the product market to test the application characteristics and life characteristics of waste pipes

in addition, Yinguang group has set up research projects in combination with production practice and enterprise development strategy, continuously strengthened horizontal contact and cooperation with scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and widely carried out scientific research project cooperation and experience exchange, so that employees can actively participate in enterprise scientific and technological innovation activities and continue to promote enterprise scientific and technological innovation

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