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Yingweiteng: conspire with energy-saving innovative ideas to support the transformation and leap of Shanxi

on June 3, the 2011 China Shanxi energy conservation and consumption reduction and low-carbon economy frequency conversion technology application seminar hosted by Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Commission (hereinafter referred to as the economic and Information Commission) was grandly held in Taiyuan, the coal capital. The conference was organized by Shanxi provincial new technology promotion center, and co organized by Shanxi Provincial Energy Conservation Association and yingweiteng Electric Co., Ltd. The meeting was highly valued and strongly supported by Shanxi provincial government departments, industry experts, user enterprises and the media. More than 300 guests, including leaders of Shanxi provincial and municipal economic and information commissions at all levels, users of large energy consumption enterprises, Shanxi TV station, Shanxi, China automation, modern industrial economy and informatization magazine, attended the event

energy conservation and consumption reduction support Shanxi's transformation leap

according to Shanxi, since the eleventh five year plan, Shanxi Province has vigorously promoted energy conservation and consumption reduction with government promotion and enterprises as the main force, comprehensively exceeding the energy-saving goals of 4.6% reduction in energy consumption per 10000 yuan of GDP and 22% reduction in comprehensive energy consumption per 150000 yuan of GDP in 2010 (2 percentage points higher than the country), and achieving energy conservation of 40million tons of standard coal. Taking this as the starting point, energy conservation and consumption reduction will strongly support the transformation and leapfrog development of Shanxi in the 12th Five Year Plan. Hongfake, director of Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, said that the 12th Five Year Plan is a critical period for Shanxi's transformation and leapfrog development, and the energy consumption of the province's 10000 yuan GDP should be reduced by 16%. On the basis of comprehensively summarizing the experience of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the eleventh five year plan, Shanxi Province will make full use of the important opportunity of transforming the comprehensive reform pilot area, adhere to the concept of green, low-carbon, clean and healthy development, and strive to build a green, gasification, purification and healthy Shanxi. Shanxi Province will promote energy conservation and consumption reduction through various ways such as economy, technology, market, law and administration, and help rebuild a new Shanxi

shenruitao, deputy director of Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, who attended the meeting, also expressed the same view. She said that local plastic deformation also occurred. Contemporary civilization is based on resource consumption. Reducing resource consumption, reducing enterprise production costs, and improving the market competitiveness of products are the goals pursued by enterprises and all sectors of society. Enterprises will face the situation of power supply shortage for a long time, and this situation will become more and more serious. Enterprises have large energy consumption and high production costs, which shows that the price is high, and they will not be competitive in the market. Energy saving is not only forced by the market, but also a social demand. Technological innovation is not only a matter for enterprise technicians, but also an important work for enterprise management. With the efforts of the people of the whole province, Shanxi is becoming a comprehensive supporting reform pilot area for the transformation of the national resource-based economy. Therefore, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have put forward the grand goal of leapfrog development and building a new Shanxi, which has brought new opportunities for energy conservation and consumption reduction. Therefore, it is more prominent that today's meeting to organize this discussion on the application experience of frequency conversion technology, explore new ways to save energy and reduce consumption, and promote the combination of industry, University and research and the docking between the supply and demand sides is very timely and important. It should be said that the convening of this meeting is of far-reaching significance

Xue Zhongjin, director of the Energy Conservation Department of Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, pointed out in his speech that 2011 is the starting year of the transformation and leapfrog development of Shanxi Province, and how to achieve the maximum economic, scientific and sustainable development with the lowest energy consumption is a major topic. Facing this situation, three changes are needed: the first is the gradual transition from energy consumption control of 10000 yuan GDP to total amount control; The second is to change from technical energy conservation and engineering energy conservation to the coexistence of structural and technical energy conservation; The third is to transform the means of administrative management into a market-oriented long-term mechanism. Energy conservation and environmental protection industry has been listed in the first place of strategic emerging industries. In the 12th Five Year Plan or even longer period, energy conservation and environmental protection industry will usher in great development, especially in high energy consuming industries, energy conservation and environmental protection have greater development space. As a sharp tool for energy conservation, the Shanxi provincial government has given strong support to frequency conversion technology. Since last year, it has adopted a series of policies to focus on promoting the contracted energy management of energy-saving service industry. It welcomes powerful national brands like yingweiteng to enter Shanxi and promote the transformation and leap of Shanxi Province with energy conservation and consumption reduction

Qiao Ligang, deputy director of the technological innovation Department of Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, who presided over the meeting, also said that the proposal of relevant outlines such as "promoting the reform of energy production and utilization methods" and "vigorously developing circular economy" pointed out the direction for the transformation and leapfrog development of enterprises and provided an opportunity for the promotion and application of frequency conversion technology. Shanxi Province has a large proportion of high energy consuming enterprises, and there is great potential to promote frequency conversion and speed regulation technology

yingweiteng promotes Shanxi's energy-saving innovation

facing the huge task and pressure of energy conservation and consumption reduction, all sectors of society are actively exploring innovative ideas for energy-saving technology, and frequency conversion technology is recognized as an energy-saving pioneer. This meeting also invited domestic well-known frequency conversion technology experts to interpret it in detail

professor zhengqionglin, doctoral tutor of Beijing Jiaotong University and director of the engineering research center of the Ministry of electric traction education, the chief technical expert of yingweiteng electric, Dr. Zhao Yifan of the University of Wisconsin, and other experts made special reports on energy-saving innovation, frequency conversion is the pioneer, and the application of electric drive technology in the field of industrial control and energy saving, in-depth analysis of the energy-saving principle of frequency conversion technology, and analysis of the application field of electric drive system, According to the characteristics of industrial structure in Shanxi Province, the application requirements of mining frequency converter are mainly introduced. Luo Hongmiao, senior engineer of Guodian Datong power generation company and Li Yingxi, deputy technical director of Shanxi Datuhe Coking Co., Ltd., concretely and vividly demonstrated the views of the above experts through the analysis of the successful application cases of yingweiteng frequency converter on site

at the meeting, inverton showed its rich product applications in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, coal mining, petrochemical and chemical industry, lifting and other fields, which left a deep impression on the participants. The project application case analysis of large energy consumption users in Shanxi Province has a typical demonstration significance for local users, otherwise it will affect the stability of line production time and diameter. The group development of NVIDIA, the construction of large-scale industrial platform and the provision of application solutions for multiple industries. The insiders said that the strength of the solution has enhanced the confidence of users to choose to use NVIDIA products

as an important part of iveton's progress in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, Shenzhen iveton Jiali Energy Management Co., Ltd., a member of the China energy conservation industry commission and an energy-saving service company of the national development and Reform Commission, and a holding subsidiary of iveton, showed the audience the company's unique energy conservation, monitoring and trading platform through a live demonstration of the Hunan energy conservation and emission reduction management and operation platform it was responsible for, It also recommended the internationally advanced innovative cooperation mode of contract energy management (EMC) to Shanxi industrial enterprises

Huang Shenli, chairman of inverton, finally said that 2011 is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, and the concept of low-carbon economy has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people. Finding energy for sustainable human development has become the goal of countries around the world. Energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon life have become the consensus of all mankind, and the 12th Five Year Plan will also become a critical period of economic transformation. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for NVIDIA. Yingweiteng will actively work with the government and the industry to promote the development of frequency conversion technology and promote the production process of ixsenic materials to be more simple and energy-saving, widely used, promote the energy conservation and consumption reduction work of Shanxi Province to a new level, and support the transformation and leap of Shanxi Province

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