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Yinguang 100000 ton TDI production line establishes an energy-saving assessment system

China Ordnance Industry Group Gansu Yinguang chemical industry group has brought advanced and mature aluminum alloy cable technology from North America into China Limited to establish an energy-saving target assessment body for TDI production line. This building has 32 floors above and under the ground, nearly 100 meters high, strengthening the decomposition, implementation and assessment of energy-saving indicators, and realizing energy-saving management to ensure that the day guarantees the month, the month guarantees the quarter, and the quarter guarantees the year

according to the annual production scale of 100000 tons of TDI products, scientifically and reasonably formulate energy-saving and consumption reduction budget indicators such as water, electricity, steam, circulating water, desalted water, (article source universal polyurethane) compressed air, nitrogen, etc., and decompose them to each production unit layer by layer, and implement them to workshops and shift groups item by item. Each team counts, compares and analyzes all kinds of experimental data and energy consumption in the production process of the curve every day, finds out some problems of exceeding the standard of energy indicators, and formulates measures for rectification in time. According to the assessment method of bonus saving and penalty exceeding, the energy consumption of each unit shall be strictly assessed on a monthly basis

nearly 500 pieces of steam, compressed air, desalted water and other measuring instruments are equipped in the production unit, and personnel are regularly organized to patrol the inspection to ensure that the integrity rate of measuring instruments reaches the specified value. The personnel of the instrument physical and chemical repair and inspection center regularly maintain and calibrate the measuring instruments to ensure their accuracy. Establish an EMS energy consumption statistics automatic information upload platform to realize the automatic upload and real-time monitoring of the actual daily energy consumption of each production unit and the actual energy consumption of unit products. The energy management department analyzes the energy data uploaded by each unit every day, and works with the production unit to find out the problems existing in the operation of some equipment, instrument measurement and other aspects, and formulate targeted improvement measures to eliminate the phenomenon of running, emitting, dripping and leakage in the production process

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