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With the successful conclusion of the Harbin meeting, Shenyang station set sail to hold the second national data center integrated solution technology exchange meeting in 2016 at the Wangchao Wanxin Hotel. The meeting gathered ● standard punch balls in the industry: φ 20 ± 0.05mm partners, entrepreneurs and industry elites gathered together to participate in the grand event. This meeting attracted nearly 100 people. On the day, the atmosphere was active, the interaction and exchange were continuous, and everyone spoke freely for the future

at the beginning of the meeting, president Xu, general manager of the domestic marketing department of NVIDIA power, delivered an opening speech and introduced the integrated solutions of the NVIDIA data center, as well as the series of innovative products and high-quality solutions of the NVIDIA data center, and provided all-round guidance for the future construction of the data center computer room. The site also explained the automatic shutdown of the NVIDIA data center to you; Weiteng launched a series of integrated data center application products, including micro integrated data center Yingzhi ISmart series, small and medium-sized integrated data center Weizhi iwit series and large-scale integrated data center Tengzhi italent series, which are deeply loved by everyone

next, Mr. He, the director of the NVIDIA pre-sales technology center, made an introduction to the product line of the NVIDIA data center, explaining the highlights of the high-end intelligent modular UPS power supply. After a detailed introduction, more partners can better understand the products of NVIDIA and trust the brand of NVIDIA

then, Mr. Zhang, the channel director of the domestic marketing department of NVIDIA, gave a publicity of the market channel policy, which brought the most encouraging market cooperation policy and channel management policy to the partners, so that the market could develop in an orderly and benign manner, making NVIDIA the most reliable partner

through communication and exchange, customers showed great interest in the series of products and solutions of NVIDIA power. During the break, through the explanation of on-site personnel and their own actual operation experience, they had a comprehensive understanding of the products, especially the design concept of the new generation of modular products, the powerful functions and extremely high reliability of the products, and were very impressed and praised

the promotion site not only brings the most cutting-edge information and the best quality products to partners, but also brings rich prizes, including high-end technology sweeping robots, all aluminum high-end office 3-piece sets, blue and white porcelain classical thermos cups... And so on. The series of awards have brought waves of climax to the venue

this promotion meeting has narrowed the distance between NVIDIA and its partners, built a good communication platform, so that everyone can further deepen understanding, and establish a good and mutually trusted friendship on the basis of mutual understanding, which has laid the foundation for achieving longer-term development. We look forward to NVIDIA power taking off with its partners

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inverton, founded in 2002, is committed to becoming the world's leading and respected product in the field of industrial automation and energy and power. This product not only helps customers realize the replacement and upgrading service provider of spraying process, but also listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share in 2010, stock code: 002334. Yingweiteng is a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan. At present, it has 15 holding subsidiaries, located in 12 major R & D centers nationwide, and has applied for more than 700 h patents. Relying on key technologies such as power electronics, electrical transmission, automatic control, information technology, its main products include high, medium and low voltage frequency converters, elevator intelligent control systems, servo systems, PLC, HMI, SVG, UPS, motors and motorized spindles, photovoltaic inverters Energy saving and emission reduction management system, rail transit traction system, new energy vehicle electronic control system, etc. Yingweiteng has more than 2000 employees, 3 large-scale production bases, and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad

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