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Recently, Shenzhen yingweiteng Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for the metro vehicle electrical system project of Shenzhen Metro Line 9 West Extension Project in the public bidding of the metro vehicle electrical system procurement project of Shenzhen Metro Line 2, 5, 8 and 9 extension line, achieving the first breakthrough

this means that the independent R & D products of high-end rail transit equipment have achieved a market breakthrough, and the diversified innovative development of the equipment field of China's rail transit core equipment Jinan new era Test Instrument Co., Ltd. has been started. Since then, the rail transit traction system has truly been made in Shenzhen. Yingweiteng has become the only traction system supplier in China's rail transit market after CRRC, which fully and truly has 100% independent intellectual property rights, R & D capabilities and industrialization capabilities. It is also the only local enterprise in eastern province with sustainable R & D capabilities by widely rotating the buffer to the appropriate position in this field

traction system is equivalent to the heart of rail transit vehicles. It is one of the three key core technologies (traction, braking and signal) in the field of rail transit and the most high-end core equipment in rail transit system equipment. The price passive needle cannot stop at willfulness. It has high value, great technical difficulty and high requirements for reliability

Guangdong rail transit industry cluster is gradually forming. At present, Shenzhen local enterprises can independently develop and produce integrated monitoring system, automatic fare collection system, screen door system, communication system, etc. The traction system products with 100% independent intellectual property rights of yingweiteng transportation have entered the rail transit market, filling the gap of high-end rail transit industry in Shenzhen and even Guangdong Province, and injecting new impetus into the diversification and sustainable and healthy development of China's rail transit equipment manufacturing industry

for seven years, NVIDIA communications focused on one thing with craftsmanship. With the hard work of more than 100 engineers, more than 100 knowledge achievements in the field of rail transit traction system have been formed, It has passed five reviews organized by the technical equipment professional committee of China Urban Rail Transit Association (scheme review meeting in November 2012; loading review meeting in January 2014; pre passenger review meeting in May 2015; passenger carrying operation assessment review meeting in December 2015 and technical level and system integration ability review meeting in December 2015)

since 2015, yingweiteng rail transit traction system has been applied to Guangzhou Metro Line 8. It has operated safely for nearly two years, with a mileage of 240000 kilometers. With Mercedes Benz, BMW, general motors and other brand cars, the progressiveness, safety, reliability and comfort of technology have moved towards the global suitability, energy conservation and environmental protection, and other indicators are at the leading level in China

inverton rail transit traction system has unique characteristics and technical advantages: vector control is adopted for traction, and harmonic suppression strategy is introduced. The whole control process is stable without pulsation, and line loss and interference are effectively reduced; The integrated layout reduces the weight and greatly simplifies the cable connection under the vehicle; Forced air cooling is adopted for heat dissipation, and the power margin is large. Under the rated load of typical type a subway, from the speed of 80 km to the conversion point of electro pneumatic braking, the electric braking kinetic energy can fully meet the requirements of service braking, and it can also achieve full electric braking to zero speed. At the same time, the noise value is low, which improves the riding comfort of passengers; In addition, it has innovative features in user interface friendliness, interface scalability, wireless fault diagnosis, monitoring and maintenance

traction system is the power source of electric drive operation equipment. It can also be widely used in tram, intercity train, bullet train, high-speed railway, mining equipment, heavy-duty road vehicles, ships, military weapons and equipment and other industries that will continue to develop at a high speed in the next three decades, and has broad application prospects

in the future, NVIDIA will continue to deepen its independent research and development, continuously improve its technical level and high-end equipment manufacturing capacity, continue to implement the spirit of made in China 2025, and realize the transformation from made in China to created in China, from speed in China to quality in China, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands

about yingweiteng transportation: Shenzhen yingweiteng Transportation Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of A-share listed enterprise Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co., Ltd., was established in 2010. In response to the call of national independent innovation, under the guidance and support of the industry department of the national development and Reform Commission and China Urban Rail Transit Association, it has launched the work of completely independent research and development of the core system of rail transit vehicles. Yingweiteng transportation has become the only traction system supplier with 100% independent intellectual property rights, R & D capabilities and industrialization capabilities in China's rail transit market, except CRRC. At present, NVIDIA has the ability to deliver the traction system of 1000 rail transit vehicles every year

about the West extension line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9: it starts from hongshuwan South Station in Nanshan District and ends at hanghai Road Station in Nanshan District. The existing line 9 and the West extension of line 9 start from Wenjin station in Luohu District and end at hanghai Road Station in Nanshan District. The total length is 36.03km, and the whole line is laid underground, with a total of 32 stations

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