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Yingweiteng A shares were successfully listed

on January 13, 2010, Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange! Stock abbreviation: inveterate, stock code: 002334. The listing ceremony was held in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Mr. Wang Keli, executive vice president of Nanshan District, and many guests attended the venue, witnessed the listing ceremony, and expressed warm congratulations on the successful listing of NVIDIA

NVIDIA issued 16million A-share shares this time, with a P/E ratio of 78.69 times, which is far higher than the average p/E ratio of about 45 times of Shenzhen small and medium-sized board since the resumption of IPO, which fully proves the confidence of professional financial research institutions in China's frequency converter industry, especially their optimistic outlook for the future development of NVIDIA. The fund-raising amount of NVIDIA was 768million yuan, which greatly improved the capital strength and provided sufficient financial support for NVIDIA to actively participate in the domestic market and even the international market competition

in the past seven years, inverton has focused on the development of mechanical property testing and industrial control of electrical transmission steel wire and steel wire rope. It is a product and service supplier integrating the R & D, manufacturing and sales of low-voltage, medium voltage and high-voltage frequency converters. With the strong technical development ability of the R & D team, inverton has successively developed five series of CHV, Che, CHF, CHH, Cha and hundreds of high-performance frequency converters with voltage levels from 220V to 10kV and power levels from 0.4 kW to 7100kw. It is the domestic brand with the most complete product line of frequency converters

NVIDIA has established 30 offices all over the country, developed hundreds of domestic channel distributors and dozens of overseas distributors, and established long-term cooperative relations with thousands of users. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, North America, Western Europe, CIS and other regions

due to the high technical content of products and rapid performance growth, yingweiteng has been awarded "national high-tech enterprise", "Shenzhen top 500 industrial enterprises", "Nanshan District Private leading enterprise" and many other qualification honors. In addition, the company was also approved to build the first and only frequency converter engineering technology research and development center in Shenzhen

after successfully landing in the capital market this time, NVIDIA will demonstrate stronger competitiveness in the domestic market through the effective combination of industry and capital, further expand the international market, and create a national inverter brand with international influence. The funds raised by inverton this time are mainly used for the "annual expansion project of 200000 new low-voltage inverters" and the "annual expansion project of 1200 new medium voltage inverters". The former has been listed in the "national high-tech industry development project plan and national fund subsidy plan" by the national development and Reform Commission. After the two raised investment projects are completed and put into operation, they will better meet the needs of customers in many industries such as lifting machinery, textile and chemical fiber, oil and gas drilling, metallurgy, petrochemical and chemical industry, coal, building materials, papermaking and printing, elevators, machine tools and so on, and further consolidate the market leading position of NVIDIA in the inverter industry

after its successful listing, inveterate will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, dedication and ambition", uphold the corporate mission of "exhausting the weakness of the non-ferrous industry, making every effort to provide customers with value-added products and services, and making customers more competitive", and strive to forge ahead for the interests of shareholders, society and customer needs, In order to realize the vision of "becoming a world leading and respected supplier of products (services) in the field of electrical transmission and industrial control", we strive to apply preservatives with low viscosity

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