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YINGSHUO participated in the training of CIA (Shanghai)

on November 20, YINGSHUO participated in the training held by CIA in Shanghai, which was the first training held in Shanghai after the four-day training of CIA in Beijing, and was delivered by lwanger, CEO of CIA

cia is the organization of international users and manufacturers, developing and supporting can based high-level protocols. The test results of all manufacturers will be too large; On the contrary, the small panel control system still has many remarkable skills. Activities are based on the interest and active participation of CIA members. The representative activities of CIA are to support the international standardization of CAN protocol and to contact regional and international standardization organizations on behalf of its members, such as ISO and IEC. CIA members drafted and developed the specifications of anopen, an innovation platform jointly established by C, and finally printed and published them as CIA standards. The specification contains definitions of physical layer, application layer and device description

YINGSHUO has independently developed a number of solutions based on can/canopen, which have been widely praised by customers

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