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Yingweiteng: the film blowing machine "blows out" the greenhouse, and the foodies also have spring

when we walk into the vegetable market every day, the dazzling and colorful vegetables are dazzling. I never thought that vegetables grow in spring and summer, as well as in winter, but foodies don't care about these:

I like to eat tomatoes, in summer and in winter, 365 days a year, and I want to eat them every day! Eaten raw, scrambled eggs, soup, cold salad If not, I'll make tomato sauce

just don't pay attention to the sample. It's so capricious. Yes, it's the taste you want, hehe

of course, foodies expect to eat new tricks every day, but how can they eat all kinds of fresh vegetables in any season

in fact, using the greenhouse technology, the temperature can be maintained all the time, just like in summer, and summer vegetables can also be planted in winter. Greenhouse plays an important role during the growth of vegetables, among which the important material is agricultural film, which is basically produced by multi-layer coextrusion by film blowing machine, which is more environmentally friendly

film blowing machine is a device that heats and melts plastic particles, then blows them into films, and packs them into rolls. According to the different production raw materials, such as PE, POF, PP, etc., products can be widely used in liquid packaging and printing. By using the feedback signals of various parameters to form a closed-loop control system, we can realize the automatic control of all experimental processes, and achieve the corresponding control accuracy in the fields of substrate, export product packaging, industrial product packaging, and civil industrial product packaging of food, fruits, clothing, textiles, daily necessities, etc

with the continuous development of science and technology, energy conservation and emission reduction are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and promote the continuous upgrading of film blowing machines to high-end development. A plastic machinery factory in Guangdong also complied with the development trend and introduced high-end film blowing machines to the market. However, the high-end film blowing machine requires high technology, pays attention to the high performance and stability of the frequency converter, and supports a variety of communication methods, especially the traction and winding parts have high requirements for speed and tension accuracy

at present, the film blowing machine of a plastic machinery factory in Guangdong adopts PROFINET communication, and the extrusion and air ring fans are controlled by frequency converters. The traction part needs to control the production line speed to be consistent and the dynamic response is rapid. At the same time, it is required that the winding part maintain a constant tension, the film cannot wrinkle, the winding is too loose or too tight, and the tension is quantitatively set without manual adjustment. The manufacturer mainly adopts the frequency converter and servo of an imported brand, and adopts servo control in traction and winding

as we all know, in recent years, the plastic machine industry is not prosperous, and the competition at home and abroad is fierce. Manufacturers in the plastic machine industry are facing greater cost pressure. No doubt, film blowing machines using imported brand frequency converters and servo are at a price disadvantage in a fully competitive market environment, while foreign brands have problems such as long supply cycle and untimely service, and some manufacturers have a strong willingness to localize

national brand seamless film blowing machine high-end demand

as a trusted industrial control and energy efficiency solution provider, NVIDIA has been making every effort to provide customers with value-added products and solutions. Recently, after in-depth understanding of the needs and difficulties of the plastic machinery factory, the team of inveterate recommended a better and more cost-effective solution: using goodrive300 products to replace an imported frequency converter in the extrusion and air ring fan process sections, and goodrive35 frequency converter products to replace the servo products in the traction and winding process sections

goodrive300 series inverter and goodrive35 series inverter are high-performance vector inverters launched by NVIDIA for high-end applications. The products support PROFINET communication protocol and are compatible with Siemens PROFINET communication and communicate with Siemens PLC; At the same time, goodrive35 can realize torque control and position control, and has simple servo function. It can seamlessly replace the imported servo products on the film blowing machine with high-quality products

high performance, high cost performance, inveterate's advantages show.

after nearly a year of stable operation of a plastic machinery factory in Guangdong, inveterate's solution advantages on the film blowing machine show, significantly reducing customer costs and improving competitiveness. Goodrive35 high-performance closed-loop vector converter effectively ensures that the linear speed of the traction part of the film blowing machine is consistent; Sensitive response, in the acceleration and deceleration process, it can also ensure consistent linear speed and constant tension; Powerful function application, can realize tension quantification, and set the tension according to the process requirements of different film production; Support PROFINET to ensure that its experimental size fixture is between 180mm) communication, minus the control line connection, it can be done as soon as the line is connected, which effectively ensures the real-time, reliability and long-distance communication of the whole system

in addition, inverton's inverter products used in film blowing machines also have the following features:

strong scalability: support PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, MODBUS and other mainstream communication protocols (communicate as you want)

reliable warranty: the products have passed the international authoritative CE certification, Goodrive300 also provides a 24 month extended warranty period (extended warranty, worry free operation)

good electromagnetic compatibility: Standard built-in C3 input filter, optional C2 filter (goodbye to interference)

good application effect. Green film blowing machine moves forward quickly

nowadays, more and more film blowing machine manufacturers develop high-end products, A film blowing machine with good performance shows good market adaptability in the process of producing film. While improving production efficiency, it will play a more important role in promoting the plastic and packaging industry to the high end, providing convenience for people and promoting the harmonious development of society

NVIDIA goodrive300 inverter and goodrive35 inverter have achieved good results in the practical application of the film blowing machine, operated stably, and met the process requirements of the equipment. In particular, NVIDIA inverter supports a variety of bus control schemes, which is convenient for centralized control. In a short time, there is no new large mine production system, which has great advantages in the application of film blowing machine equipment. At the same time, compared with imported brand inverter, it has obvious cost advantages and excellent performance, Get more customers' trust

as an upstream industry, NVIDIA will also launch more efficient and energy-saving products, so that the green film blowing machine can quickly go global, and improve its core competitiveness for more plastic products enterprises

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about inverton:

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