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A new type of edible fungi bottling and bagging machine came out

the Edible Fungi Research Institute of the science and Technology Commission of Wuhe County, Anhui Province, has recently successfully developed a multi-functional fast bottling and bagging machine with LCD. The bagging machine has changed the traditional transmission part to set up a mechanical clutch device with high sensitivity. The international influence of China's plastic machine industry continues to improve. It is strong and durable. When the machine is in operation, the product is called acryviewa at any time, Consumers can often see that some inferior plastic bags are printed with blurred words and patterns. The amount of material is controlled uniformly and freely. After the bags are full, they can be sealed directly, and the culture material does not need to be increased or decreased. With the help of rapid bagging, a bag of material can be completed from the time it is put on to the time it is full, which is about 10 times faster than the conventional one

this machine is suitable for both areas with electricity and areas without electricity. It is equipped with agricultural walking machine or small four wheel machine as the power, which is convenient and flexible, and the working efficiency is significantly improved. The successful development of this machine will free the vast number of edible fungus producers from the complicated cultivation labor

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