The latest embedded data acquisition computer UC

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New embedded data acquisition computer UC

uc-7408, the latest member of our "embedded computer camp", will be able to order in September. Uc-7408 is an embedded data acquisition computer based on Intel Xscale RISC CPU. It has a powerful system, fan free and low energy consumption design. In addition to eight rs-232/422/485 serial ports, uc-7408 also provides eight additional digital input and eight digital output channels for measuring the stress change on the sample, making it an ideal embedded data acquisition computer. Uc-7408 still supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, PCMCIA, and CF expansion slots, providing you with powerful expansion capabilities

8-channel digital input/8-channel digital output

uc-7408 the new di/do feature enables uc-7408 to be used as a front-end embedded computer, allowing users to easily connect digital devices. Uc-7408 can recognize on/off events by reading changes in the state of digital input signals. The output signal of external digital equipment can be transmitted to the di channel of uc-7408. It can be programmed in uc-740 test 8, so that when the received signal changes, it can respond immediately

do channel of uc-7408 can control external digital equipment through digital output signal. New di/do features moxa's embedded computer promotes Dongqing to become a provider of product technical solutions through rs. the 232/422/485 serial port supports data acquisition and protocol conversion at the same time, and carries out simple i/o control through di/do signals

Uc-7408 integrates the application of serial communication and digital signal control. It is an ideal equipment suitable for industrial automation and manufacturing

pre installed Linux platform

uc-7408 pre installed Linux operating system with optimized device driver. The open software architecture of Linux is very conducive to the development of application software. Linux provides system integrators and programmers with the option of developing their own applications, and when you write software on a desktop PC, you can easily download it to the uc-7408 platform through the GNU cross compiler without modifying the code

fanless design

ultra low power CPU (less than 2W) makes uc-7408 a highly reliable product without overheating

10/100 Mbps LAN ports

the two LAN ports based on the embedded chip ixp-422 bring you a reliable redundant network application. Combined with the hardware encryption/decryption (DES, 3DES, AES, etc.) function, it provides you with more secure protection and efficient applications

8 rs-232/422/485 three in one serial ports

uc-7408 series is equipped with 8 rs-232/422/485 three in one serial ports that can be configured through software, which can connect various devices and give you a sufficient number of serial ports to deal with any application whose functions and installation methods will be described in detail above

a robust system designed for harsh environments

uc-7408 uses on-board flash memory to store data, and at the same time, it can use CF card to expand storage capacity. Based on RISC ixp-422 CPU, it hardly generates heat, does not need a fan to cool the system, and provides you with a more reliable system

wireless expansion capability

based on the wireless design of uc-7408, you only need to install a wireless PCMCIA card to ensure wireless connection. At the same time, it supports 802.11b and 802.11g, helping you solve the difficult situation of wired network connection


· Intel Xscale ixp-422 266 MHz processor

· onboard 128 MB memory, 32 MB flash memory

· 8 rs-232/422/485 three in one serial ports

· 8-channel digital input, 8-channel digital output (TTL signal)

· dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

· pcmcia/CompactFlash/wireless local area expansion

· pre installed Linux operating system

· wall mount

· robust fanless design

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